Preparing for the Trip

Damien and I are leaving on Friday for ND! I just need to finish packing and some light cleaning and we’ll be good to go. I can’t wait 😀

Damien’s speech therapy is going well. He’s a lot easier to understand and he’s using more sentences. So far he’s worked on letters B, L and V…I guess I can’t remember much more. He also had his first occupational therapy appointment last Tuesday and he’s going back again tomorrow. These are weekly hour long sessions with the purpose of working with Damien one-on-one to help deal with his behavior. Oh, speaking of his behavior, I had a parent/teacher conference last week about him. I’m happy to report that Damien is MUCH less agressive. And one thing that really stands out was I was told he’s a leader. I feel this is very true. Even at the park playing with random kids, he’ll be like “come on!” The downside is that he tends to be very bossy and controlling so it’s been difficult at times dealing with him. Overall though he’s doing really well and I’m proud of him.

And as a proud mama, I have to post this video of him reading Green Eggs and Ham to me tonight. He really loves this book. I read quite a few books tonight, but this one he said a lot of the words along with me and then I asked him to read it to me. Such a cutie! Also notice how he shushes me…(like I said, he’s bossy).