Happy Easter!

We didn’t do very much for Easter this year. I was going to take Damien to an Easter egg hunt event, but it ended up raining most of Saturday so I didn’t feel like leaving the house. He got his Easter basket today that Scott helped pick out. Damien was only concerned about the candy and asked me for it throughout the day. We colored in his new coloring book and he liked his balloon thing, although it wasn’t as cool as I thought it was going to be.  Tomorrow Scott and I are back at work after having a couple of weeks off. Not looking forward to that…

Scoping out the eggs
Posing with his Easter basket 🙂
Excited for the candy!

Scott Flying First Class!

Since the military paid for Scott’s round trip ticket here to Virginia, Scott upgraded his return international flight to Frankfurt to First Class. Since neither one of us has ever flown in First Class before, I had him give me a full report. His seat was positioned so that he didn’t sit next to anyone else. Of course he also got to board and leave the plane first too. There was one Flight Attendant for everyone 3-4 people. I have to say it looks like a very comfortable flight back! He said he didn’t feel like he was on an airplane. Everything else with his return went well too. Scott made it safely back to his house in Germany.

Sipping orange juice while waiting for the Coach passengers to board.
Sipping orange juice while waiting for the Coach passengers to board.
His reading light, remote, and outlets for his electronic devices.
A personal toiletry bag
The contents of the personal bag.
His personal TV complete with a foot rest, storage and plenty of leg room.
The seat reclines into a laying down position. So nice!
The menu
Snack time. He said the nuts were warm.
The appetitizer. So fancy!
Dinner. Looks so good!
Dessert 😀
Breakfast time!

Scott’s Trip to VA

I just can’t believe how quickly the last two weeks have gone by! Scott was pretty tired for the first week trying to adjust to the time difference and Damien was acting up a lot in the first few days.  Scott is at the airport now on his way back to Germany. We did get some grown-up chores done like filing our taxes and taking the car in for preventative maintenance, but overall it was just a very nice, relaxing trip 🙂

Scott is checking out Damien’s tablet.

Of course we bought Damien some new toys for this summer…

This kid cannot pedal his new bike. We just have to keep practicing but boy is he frustrating. Oh, and yes he rides it outside with a helmet. This pic is just his first time sitting on it.

Basketball Superstar with his new hoop!

And we had fun playing in the park near the house…

20140409_160927 20140409_160929

We celebrated our 9-year wedding anniversary on the 10th so we could visit Virginia Beach when the weather was nice. If we would have waited until the 15th then it would have been thunderstorming for most of the day.

Our first time at the Cheesecake Factory! Scott had a carrot cake cheesecake while I had a yummy chocolate one.
Our first time at the Cheesecake Factory! Scott had a carrot cake cheesecake while I had a yummy chocolate one.
I think Scott liked it… 😀
We’re not the best at taking selfies, but here we are on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach!
Sarah on the boardwalk
Scott on the boardwalk
View of Virginia Beach near the boardwalk.
Another view of Virginia Beach near the boardwalk.

And that’s about all the highlights. I miss Scott already… Now I need to go get some groceries and start eating better because this vacation has caused me to pack on a few pounds! Totally worth it 🙂



Family photo from Scott’s last night with us.


April News

Tomorrow is my first day back at work as I’m officially done with the Drug Testing detail. It was a good experience overall so I’m glad I had the chance to do it. But I’m also happy to be going back to work because drug testing is a pretty tedious job. Now for the REALLY exciting news–Scott is flying here on Thursday and will be here for two weeks!!! I can’t wait! We’ll be able to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary together and Damien loves his Daddy so much. No huge plans as of right now and we’ll just see what we feel like day by day.

Anyways, that’s all from me. Just waiting for Thursday!