Swim Lessons

Another week gone…

In my attempt to learn to cook, I’ve started small by experimenting on the weekends. The issue is that it gets annoying when I have to spend half of my time in the kitchen putting Damien in a time-out. Since he likes to “help” me so much, I’ve been having him help with the baking. He’s very interested in the whole process and does well with the tasks he’s given.

Mixing the cookie batter
So excited about his blue tongue

Still don’t know why he thinks this is a smile lol

Tonight was Damien’s very first swim lesson! He did as well as I expected him to do. He had some issues with sitting still when it was time to listen because he was just so excited to be in the water. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos during the lesson itself, but he was enthusiastic about trying the various  moves and had fun.

Oh, and I did get a video of Damien saying his ABCs and looking at his newest book he got on Saturday.

Virginia Living Museum

It was such yucky weather this week, but today it was over 60 degrees so I took Damien over to the Virginia Living Museum. Admission was pretty pricey and the animals weren’t that impressive so it’s not something I’d want to do again anytime soon–but it was close to where we live and we just needed to get out of the house for a while.

The aquarium was definitely my favorite part.
Posing with the birds
The outdoor walking trail to see the animal exhibits. I saw foxes and deer *unenthusiastic cheer*
Damien liked the kids’ play area the best, of course.
Jumping on mushrooms–like a boss
Damien is rather obsessed with water, especially running water. He cared more about the water than the animals lol.

The potty training has been going a little bit better. He’s finally started to tell me he needs to use the potty at home which is great. My issues now are that he absolutely refuses to poop in the toilet and he’s afraid of public restrooms. Still, there is progress and we’re working on it.

The other day Damien was very close to singing the ABC song by himself. I wish I would have got it on video. He doesn’t say the letters for the LMNO part and I think for V he says B instead. Still, I’m very impressed.

Marching into March

Here’s what’s happened thus far in March:

Tried the Yorktown (nicer) Wal-Mart and sharing a pizza 🙂
Damien’s fav part of Barnes and Noble–the train table! His new fav book–Green Eggs and Ham!
The Lovely Miss Katrina
For the past few weeks Damien has been sleeping in the cart during my Sunday morning grocery shopping trips.
Damien is now signed up for swim lessons starting on 16 March. We’ll be ready for the summer in no time!

Oh, and more exciting news–Scott is planning to visit Damien and me in April. I can’t wait!