Snow Day

I’ve very disappointed with Virginia right now. I was told it didn’t really snow here and if it did it wouldn’t be very much. Well I feel lied to! lol I’m not sure how many inches we got on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, but they closed Langley except for mission-essential personnel so Damien and I had a snow day. Below is Damien playing outside while I shoveled snow. I was able to use his snow pants and snow boots from last winter which is awesome. The only issue was I couldn’t find his gloves and his hands got cold. He really loved it though!

I had already shoveled the steps, but I couldn’t keep him out of the deep snow.
Scooping up snow in the front yard
He likes making footprints 🙂

What’s New in 2014

I can’t believe January is almost over! So we actually got a little bit of snow one evening and it caused for a lot of delays and closures in the area. It’s also been very cold and the homes are poorly insulated so I’ve had to leave my facets dripping quite a bit over the last week, which I have to do anytime it’s under 20 degrees. I’m sick of being cold already!

The morning after the first snowfall.

In other news, I’m been keeping myself busy since Scott has left. I started an Intro to Sociology class that’s 8 weeks long. So far it’s pretty interesting.  I’m also out of work until March because I’m working as a Drug Testing Collector. I’m the person who collects and ships all the pee samples for the drug testing. It’s been okay so far.

I’ve also been decorating the house. This is the first time in years that I’ve even hung anything up on the walls. And I gave my current bedroom furniture an upgrade by putting on new handles. 

Old handles
New handles
The photos on the left are from my trips to Venice and London. I just printed them in black and white and put them in frames I already had.

Now for Damien…he’s been acting up at daycare. He’s still mentioning how much he misses Daddy everyday. Not sure if the two are related. I set up his indoor tent in his play room and it fits over the top of his toddler bed mattress so he’s been enjoying that over the weekend. Oh, and I cut his hair. I think that’s all the news from this month…

Damien playing in his tent.
Coloring today 🙂


New Year’s Week

Scott is already on his way back to Germany and should be arriving home within the next few hours. Damien and I are pretty sad he had to go and miss him already. New Year’s week was a little less eventful and I had to work a couple days so I wouldn’t have to use any leave. We got a chance to use the stone that Robin sent when Scott made pizza, but I didn’t get any pictures.

Damien using his new tablet he got for Christmas while Scott is playing his new Xbox.
Scott and I tried Joe’s Crab Shack for the first time. They had excellent shrimp but the lobsters were just okay. Probably because they weren’t from Maine…
Scott with a bacon cupcake 🙂
Oh and we rearranged my living room to give me more space to use my Kinect.

My Christmas present–a king-sized bed!!! It barely fit up the stairs.
My new bed meant that Damien inherited my twin bed. Here he is testing it out.
And a test jump…
After the evening bath on New Year’s Eve. Damien LOVES his Spongebob PJs 🙂
Damien is all ready for his first night of sleep in his new big bed!
Early morning cuddles with Daddy 🙂
We tried to play Damien’s Chutes and Ladders board game he got for Christmas, but he doesn’t have the focus yet to play.
Damien chose the Hulk as his character.
This is Damien’s defiant face. He did NOT want to get dressed or have his picture taken.
Katrina loves Scott! Or anyone who gives her attention.
Family photo–New Year’s Day 2014!
Scott going to give Damien his bath on his last night in the States.
This is what Katrina does every night while Damien gets his bath.
Oh and Katrina likes my new bed too!

I may post more later but I need to go to sleep because I have work in the morning. It was a long day.