Christmas Week

Scott is spending the holidays with Damien and me in Virginia and so far it’s been great! Damien is pretty much attached to Scott’s hip 🙂 and full of energy…even more than usual if you can believe it.

Day 1:

(Saturday) – Drawing on the magnadoodle

Day 2:

(Sunday) – Between the jetlag and lack of a nap, both my boys are TIRED! BTW it was 79 degrees outside on Sunday!

Day 3:

(Monday) – Scott is still unbelievably tired.

Day 4:

(Tuesday) – Slowing gaining energy
Fun with Play Doh
Getting ready for the morning 🙂

Day 5 – Christmas Morning!!

Merry Christmas!
Damien’s ornament that he made at daycare.
Damien’s stocking
So excited!!!

Below is a video of Damien opening most of his presents. He also got a train set (as seen in a picture below), some clothes, and a tablet but I’ll show pictures of his tablet at a later time.

Playing with all the new toys 🙂
Choo Choo!
Breakfast time! Yummy banana bread from Robin!
Along with delicious baked goods from Rob and Robin, they also sent us some Pampered Chef items. Thank you! I’m going to have Scott make us some pizza next week to try it out 🙂

For Christmas, Scott got an XBOX ONE and here is a video of Damien and Scott trying out one of the fitness games for the Kinect:

Merry Christmas everyone and Thank You to everyone who sent us something. Damien was very happy today and we still haven’t got to use all his new stuff yet.

All Set

I finished my Christmas shopping today so now I just need to wrap Damien’s presents and send out the Christmas cards. I can’t wait for Damien to open them. And speaking of Christmas, Scott will be here for the holidays! He’s flying to Virginia on 20 Dec and is flying back on 2 Jan. Less than two weeks now and it’s about all I think about.

I went to my squadron’s holiday party on Friday which had free childcare. When I picked him up at 10pm, I was told he was very “busy”. It’s always the word used to describe him. That and how he tries to escape. So here is a video of my bossy busy boy always getting into something. I walked into the living room the other day and he was already inside.