A Big Step

I have one bit of good news and a few pictures to share so that means it’s time for a new post! The good news is that for the first time EVER, Damien actually told me he had to pee TWICE today and used the potty!!! I’m so proud of him and so happy that he finally seems to be understanding the process. I am doing a reward system with stickers. Everytime he pees in the potty, he gets to pick out a sticker which he seems to like to stick on his forehead. I just hope to keep him motivated so he’ll continue to improve.

Damien and Katrina taking a nap 🙂
Rob and Robin’s gift has arrived–thank you so much!
Damien and I decorated our pumpkins today with markers.
Our pumpkins proudly displayed 🙂

Fall Festival

Friday evening there was a Fall Festival for all the base residents. I finally got to see the off-base housing area and it was REALLY nice and I’m actually pretty disappointed that I didn’t get a home over there instead. They had a petting zoo, a pumpkin patch, firefighters with their truck, a DJ, games, and free food! Damien didn’t want to touch the animals which was fine by me. He was actually way more excited about the pumpkin patch. I couldn’t get any pictures of him with the pumpkins because my hands were full. Damien was still afraid of the fire truck, but actually warmed up to it enough to sit inside of it for a minute. We didn’t stay for very long, but I thought it was a very nice event and a good way to start the weekend.

Dinner time!
Damien and me
My big boy in the fire truck!
Our pumpkins. I haven’t decided whether we’re going to decorate them or not.

Finally a Video!

After much troubleshooting and frustration, I’m finally able to get the pictures and videos off my phone. Computers and I have a love/hate relationship. Anyways, this video was taken this past Columbus Day weekend. This is an example of what I enjoy most about Damien and our time together.

Have You Seen My Patience?

It’s been awhile and I’m trying to think of what’s been going on over the last month or so. I gave Damien a haircut tonight with the hair clippers as seen in the photos below. I left the hair on top of his head the same length and just buzzed the back and sides. I’ll need to clean it up better tomorrow because Damien doesn’t like to sit still.

This is what Damien thinks smiling should look like. It kind of reminds me of his Uncle David LOL!
Damien posing with one of his favorite TV shows– Octonauts.

I have a PT test at the end of this month so for the past two weeks I’ve been REALLY focusing on eating better. Then around Friday I seemed to have lost my motivation and have been slowly regressing back to old habits. It’s frustrating but I have other stresses to worry about at the moment like the fact that Damien is in a terrible phase of not listening to me. My day consists of correcting him and trying to praise the good things I notice. We had to completely postpone potty training because he’s just not ready yet. I feel like I spend so much time just trying to get him not to yell in the house and not to chase the cat that changing his pull-ups isn’t a big deal. He has an amazing amount of energy and I just need to find more indoor activities for it. It’s been so rainy here that going outside isn’t always an option. But not to sound completely negative, Damien can be very sweet and helpful and I really enjoy when he brings me books and sits on my lap while I read to him or when we draw on the magnadoodle together. And I love to hear what crazy things he talks about when he’s using his imagination.