Scott’s Travels

Just wanted to let everyone know that Scott has made it safely back to his place in Germany. His flight leaving Baltimore was delayed and he had a connecting flight in New York to get on his international flight to Frankfurt, Germany. When he got to NY, they told him he probably wasn’t going to make it, but he luckily caught the bus over to the terminal and ran as fast as he could to the gate. They gave his seat away to someone on stand-by so the airline upgraded the stand-by person to first class to give Scott his original seat. Of course if they would have given Scott the first class seat, the stand-by guy wouldn’t have known the difference or been able to get on the flight at all if Scott had made it, but who can really argue with the airlines. Scott made his flight and is home and very tired lol. I already miss him. Not only was he a huge help in getting my inprocessing and moving done, but it was just nice having company. The time difference with our full time jobs is going to make it incredibly difficult to talk on the phone daily 🙁

In more positive news, my stuff is being delivered today–yay!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Settling into Virginia

The blog seems to be working well enough to update. I’ll try to remember all that’s happened since I arrived in Virginia.

I’ve already picked up my car and there were no problems with picking it up or registering it. The state inspection was lame since it’s a new car, but that’s done too. Also, if you’re a resident of VA with a VA registered vehicle, you have to pay property taxes on the vehicle annually. I don’t have to pay since I’m in the military.

I’m living in a duplex on the main base at Langley. It’s on the other side of base far away from everything else and it’s on the water. There are lots of bugs, rabbits, squirrels, and frogs in this area. Since VA gets all the natural disasters, I made an emergency/preparedness kit for the home with items in the event something goes horribly wrong. It’s probably going to flood here. The home itself is suitable. It’s 3 bedrooms/2.5 baths. It was built in 1931 so it has an older layout–meaning the rooms are small and the living room is an awkward shape centering on a fireplace so it’ll be difficult to set up my TV and couch when it arrives. Yes, my furniture hasn’t come in yet. Scott and I are still sleeping on an air mattress. BUT the good news is I have it scheduled to be delivered this Friday, 30 Aug!!! Oh, and I already bought a washer and dryer since I didn’t already have one.

I decorated Damien’s bathroom so it’s all ready for him!

I’ve started work. I don’t have all my accounts yet but I’m learning a little bit about what the office does. I think I’m really going to like it once I’m able to perform the job unassisted. I really like my co-workers too.

I was planning to put Damien in the on-base daycare, but when I arrived to Langley I discovered that they wouldn’t accept him because he’s not fully potty trained yet. He’s not even 3 yet…That made me mad. I did find a place that’s not too far away that seems okay in the meantime. I turned in my registration forms along with the first week’s payment so I’m all set for his first day on 9 September!

Scott and I have been driving around the local area to see what’s around us. It seems like a decent amount of shopping and restaurants. The traffic can be bad and there’s a lot of lanes so it gets pretty crazy. So far we haven’t done very much other than some shopping, dinners, and movies. I think my favorite activity was going to the Cinema Cafe. It was neat because you sit in a small theater with tables in front of the seats. You can order food before the movie and they have waiters that bring it out to you. I didn’t realize it until trying it, but you’re sitting there eating in the dark. If you want the waiter to come to your table, there’s a little light button to press. So if you want complete dark/silence during your movies, it’s probably not for you, but I really liked it.

Oh, and we did go to Busch Gardens this past Saturday. It’s free for military once a year. It was Scott’s last weekend in the States before heading back to Germany on the 29th. I rode about 4 rollercoasters and Scott may have tried all of them at least once. We played carnival games and ate some excellent BBQ and funnel cake. I was pretty exhausted and cranky by the end of the day though.

It was a 45 min drive to Williamsburg and then another 45 min or so waiting on line to get into Busch Gardens.
I was SOAKED from this ride.
Scott’s prize from a carnival game. He won it his first throw!!!

I think that pretty much covers the jist of it. I’m sure I’ll have more to report later.

North Dakota

After Maine, we all headed over to North Dakota to spend a week with my family and to get Damien settled in to stay for a month. It was a nice, relaxing time. Dickinson has so many new homes and they just keep building. And of course there was a lot more traffic. It was typical hot and dry summer weather, but we still managed to spend some time outside.

Damien on his trike.
At the park by David’s house.
Dad and David on the swings 😀
Time to hit something with a stick


In preparation for Damien’s stay with my parents, the basement was set up with LOTS of new toys.

Train set
Kitchen set to cook us “snacks”
April, David, and Damien hanging out in the basement.


After dinner one evening, we went to a park near my parents house by the Heart River. We all had fun 🙂

Scott and Damien at the merry-go-round
Big kids!!!


Here we are having fun with chalk, bubbles, and a ball in my parents’ backyard.

David drawing with chalk. He’s the artist in the family.
Playing ball
Damien never wants me to have the ball lol


Damien adjusted quickly and learned to keep away from the mean cat, Jada. He also made fast friends with his Uncle David. He calls him “my David”.

Damien watching TV with David after his bath.
The infamous Jada. Probably plotting something…


Since my Dad, brother, and Damien were all celebrating their birthdays within the next few weeks, we had a combined b-day party!

A Spiderman theme with a DQ Ice Cream cake. The dinosaur was for Damien.
Scott is so excited for the ice cream cake
The birthday boys!!!
Blowing out the candles
Damien enjoying his cake.
David and me
Damien opening a present.
A dinosaur piggy bank! Rawr!
David opening his present–a blue ray player.
Soap crayons
Damien loved my Dad’s musical pop-up birthday cake card.
Blue ray movies and a gift card.
What could it be?
A cash register! Complete with sounds, moving parts, and a working microphone.
Damien looking at his birthday card.
Damien and my Dad watching TV together


On the last day, I finally managed to herd us all together for a family photo.

My family! 😀

The Maine and North Dakota trips went by too quickly. Thank you for everyone for your hospitality and love. I can only hope that someday we can live closer together. At least Damien and I will now be living in the US. Scott still has another year in Germany and I’m pretty sad about that. At least for the time being, we are here in Virginia enjoying each other’s company. He’s been very helpful getting me set up in my new home. I know I need to write about all the stuff going on in Virginia, but there just never seems to be enough hours in the day.





Scott, Damien, and I got to spend a week in Maine last month. Scott hadn’t been home since 2006 and it was Damien’s first time there. It was a very nice, relaxing trip. The weather was surprisingly cool, but I didn’t mind that one bit. Luckily we got to see Scott’s Mom before she moves to Florida later this month.

Damien and Janet 🙂


Scott’s Grandma and Grandpa Whitehill treated us to dinner at a really cool restaurant inside a train car where I tried my first lobster roll–it was DELICIOUS! After dinner, Scott’s Dad took us over to the fire station where he volunteers to show Damien the fire trucks. Although Damien was excited the whole ride over to the station, once he was right in front of the trucks, he didn’t want to get close to them.

Kendall Sr showing Damien his fire helmet.
Scott got a new hat!
Damien wouldn’t go any closer to the trucks than this. It’s too bad because I really wanted to go for a ride!


Saturday, we had a family BBQ at Ayer Park. Not everyone could make it, but it was still nice to get people together. The weather was PERFECT, Robin made the yummy food, and Damien had a great time playing in the water 🙂

Enjoying the day
Damien throwing rocks in the water with Kendall Sr.
We finally got Damien to stop for a minute to eat something.
Nice spot in the shade
Enjoying the food
…And the conversation!
Damien spent HOURS by the water…He didn’t want to leave.
Five generation photo!
Jennifer and Danielle made it too!


Our last night in Maine, Robin made us a lobster feast!

I love this pic! Thanks, Robin!
Damien spent a lot of time trying to get out of this door. We had to keep it chained.
Robin, Damien, and Rob
Damien hanging out with his new friend, Angie.


Of course there were other highlights that I don’t have pictures of such as a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Rob and Robin, Wasses famous hot dogs, hanging out at Jennifer’s house with her three friendly dogs with Damien passed out cold and then mistakenly hugged Danielle thinking it was me.  Oh yes, there’s also Damien playing in Rob’s backyard in the wood pile with Cleo the Cat on the shelves. Good memories 🙂

Next stop, North Dakota! Zzzzz…





Technical Difficulties

This blog has been experiencing issues for probably close to two weeks now. While the site is seemingly working at the moment, tech support is still working on their servers so I’m still waiting to post all the pictures from our trip to Maine and North Dakota. Tomorrow, Scott and I will have been in Virginia for a full week, but it feels like longer. We miss Damien, but I hear he’s doing well in ND. I do have a cell phone number and a mailing address. Send me a message on Facebook if you want it.