Yabadoos – Indoor Playground

Today we went to Yabadoos for a little bit of fun. When we arrived, there was hardly anyone there which was great, but Damien was also very shy and nervous about the playing even though we’d been there before. He did eventually loosen up and enjoyed himself. Scott and I had a lot of fun too!

Here is a video of Damien and Scott shooting nerf balls at each other lol.

Here is Damien and Scott playing around on the trampolines.

And here is Damien jumping into the ball pit.

We're tired!!!
We’re tired!!!

Trip Booked!

The plane tickets and hotel reservations have been booked. It will be quite an adventure! I hope everything goes well with the travel since we have about a million connections. The dates are pretty much the same as before. 22-29 July we will be in Maine and 29 July-6 August we will be in North Dakota. Of course all the travel days will be completely shot so we can’t plan anything for those days.

In other news, it’s so freaking HOT here! Over 90 degrees F and no AC is a nightmare. It’s been days like this too. So I’m going to take yet another cold shower for the 20 min of relief it provides me 🙂

Scott’s First Weekend Back

It’s been really great having Scott around all the time now. Here are some highlights from this weekend.

Early Saturday morning
Damien is counting his sticks.
He loves sticks.
Again with the sticks…
Damien getting a ride back to the apartment on Sunday.
He’s probably pointing out a “big tree” or something…

Scott’s Return

Scott made it back to Germany safe and sound. The airport shuttle did get a flat tire on the way from Frankfurt, but he still made it home before me. When I picked up Damien from daycare today, I asked him if he wanted to go see Daddy to which he replied “my eyes are blue” while pointing to his eyes. Well, not exactly the response I was expecting. Damien did give Scott a hug when we first got home, but then was kind of shy and wasn’t quite sure what to think. Many more adjustments to come as we prepare to move back to the States. Yikes, it’s coming up quick!