Happy Easter!

This was a very good weekend for us because Scott was able to fly home! He’s actually at the airport right now waiting for his flight back to the UK. We weren’t able to use the airport shuttle this trip so I ended up having to drive up to the Frankfurt Hahn Airport to pick him up and drop him off which is a little over an hour drive. Thankfully I had a GPS!

So here are the highlights from the weekend.

Here’s Damien watching a movie. Scott was experimenting on how to get movies on the ipod touch and to see if Damien was even interested in watching from it. In short, yes Damien loved it.

easter01On Friday, Scott and I spent the day together while Damien was at daycare. Then on Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt on base. Unfortunately it was VERY cold.

Waiting patiently for the event to begin
The line of children and parents waiting
Once Damien discovered the candy inside, he didn’t pick up anymore eggs. I think he picked up 5 total.
Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny LOL!
Damien showing off his chocolate egg
Scott and Damien 🙂

On Saturday night, I had Scott help me give Damien a haircut. We used the same clippers as last time with the same guard piece to get the same length as before. Well it was taking forever and the clippers just weren’t cutting very well. I decided to try a shorter length. Yep…that didn’t work out so well. Basically it was as though there wasn’t anything on the clippers at all. Since I had already taken a huge chunk out of his hair, I had no choice but to finish what I started. While I don’t think it’s his best look (probably because his hair color matches his skin color), I do see the advantages. It’s easier to wash and it dries instantly. And Damien sweats A LOT. His hair is often soaked after nap time and when he’s playing hard. I think the shorter hair will be better for that. I gave Scott a haircut too.

easter08 easter10


So that concludes our Easter weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their Easters as well! 😀


No More EDIS

Since Damien has been enrolled in EDIS for about a year now, they came out to do an evaluation tonight to see if we still qualified for their services. He initially qualified due to low communication skills. I’m happy to report that we no longer qualify for the program because my baby is smart 🙂 He scored in the average ranges in the overall assessment. In the specific categories he actually scored above average in a couple areas. They were very impressed with him. I do understand that these people are only called in when a child isn’t meeting milestones so I’m not saying he’s a genius, but I’m still happy to receive a good review from professionals who deal with children for a living.

Good News!

I have a bit of good news to share. Scott is able to fly back for this upcoming Easter weekend! He should be arriving on Thursday and heading back on Sunday–yay! Damien and I are still going to be flying up to London on the first weekend in April.

And here’s Damien 🙂 The video is from a week or two ago and the photos are from tonight. They were passing out balloons at daycare as we were leaving.

IMG_0183 IMG_0184

“I don’t like-a the phone!”

I may have mentioned before how Damien doesn’t like to be filmed. Here’s a short video to demonstrate. Also, you can hear him talking a little bit. Oh, the movie with “elephants and tigers and bears and squirrels” is Ice Age which is his favorite movie series.


Intro to the Potty

From everything I’ve read on the subject of potty training has recommended waiting until the kid is ready. Damien is starting to show SOME interest so I decided it was time to at least introduce just sitting on a toilet. He wants nothing to do with the regular toilet so I bought him his own potty training seat today and he seems pretty excited about it. He sat on it proudly even though he didn’t “use” it. It’s a small step in the right direction. No pressure. Right now he’s 2.5 years old.

Since it’s been a long time since I took any photos of Damien, I took a few on him tonight. He does not want to sit still so it’s the best I can do. It’s the cliche mom thing to say, but he’s just the most beautiful kid I’ve ever seen! The scar on his face is getting better too. I can’t say for sure, but his hair might be getting a tad darker as well. It’s hard to tell. Below he’s either out of the bath or he’s probably been sweating from playing. We spent a lot of time outside today because the weather was so gorgeous and he never did run out of energy. We only came inside because of me. I think he could have ran until he passed out in the woods somewhere.

IMG_9584 IMG_9590 IMG_9593IMG_9599

Car Problems? Nope!

I was putting my gym bag inside car trunk today and it wouldn’t stay closed. I was getting so frustrated and I didn’t understand what was wrong. Then I realized after several attempts…my car keys were inside my gym bag. Thank you car for not letting me do stupid things! 😀 I love my car even more now. Hooray for technology!