Hello, I’m just testing out the new site and seeing how everything works. I don’t have anything new to post at the moment, but I should have something to share in about a week when I get the Christmas decorations up this year.

These are the pictures that I wasn’t able to post from the other day. And yes, Damien has calmed down a lot since Wed…thank God.

Preparing for Winter

Since I live in an apartment, it’s been a struggle to keep Damien from making a lot of noise that would be disruptive to the neighbors below. Damien loves to move. Winter is coming up and I won’t be able to take him outside as much as I do now for him to burn off some of his energy. For Christmas, Scott and I ordered him an inflatable play area for him to bounce around in. We considered getting him a large mat that were actually pretty expensive for what they were. We also considered getting him a children’s trampoline, but after reading reviews of them sometimes tipping over, I just knew it wouldn’t be safe enough for him. 

We got the inflatable play area in the mail much sooner than we expected so we decided to go ahead and set it up for Damien’s use. My only concern now is that it’ll spring a leak. Anyways, he LOVES it. He spent all night going bananas and much to my dismay, it actually gave him MORE energy. This morning, it’s the first place Damien went and he’s been in and out of it all day long…even watching TV from it.

This video is from last night when Scott first blew it up. I did have pictures, but I may have run out of storage space for this blog. I’ll have to research this at a later time.