Two Year Be-Well Appointment

Damien had his two-year check up this week and it should be no surprise that he’s a healthy toddler. The doctor said his height-to-weight ratio was perfect and to keep doing what we’re doing with food. I mentioned his leg braces so she checked out his legs and said that everything seemed good so that it didn’t appear to be a neurological problem, just a behavioral one. She said the leg braces would be good to correct the toe-walking so that it didn’t affect his gait later in life. At least it’s getting cooler outside now so he’ll be wearing long pants so maybe the braces won’t be noticeable. I should be seeing them in the mail in a few weeks and then I’ll need to take him in to get fitted I guess. No immunizations were needed this time around and his next appointment will be in 6 months.

I bought Damien a toddler bed today with some toddler bedding (both Disney Cars themed). I still need a mattress though since Damien’s crib is a German sized one. I think I’ll introduce it maybe at Thanksgiving so I’ll have a nice four day weekend to work through any challenges that may arise. I may decide to move up the date a little bit though because I’m a little bit excited about it. I think Damien will like a big-boy bed and I don’t know…I guess I just can’t help but be happy to see him growing up and doing more things. The one task I’m really dreading though is potty training. Absolutely no clue how I’m going to get through that one.


Scott and I bought Damien a trike this past weekend. We saw it and thought that Damien would really enjoy it. We’ve been wanting to get him one of those little bobby cars where you sit on it and push with your legs, but he never would want to use it correctly and now he seems too tall. I mean when I see other little kids on them, they can’t go more than an couple inches at a time and it doesn’t look like fun. So this particular trike is for ages 2-5 and it’s adjustable. In short–he loves it. He rides around the apartment on it. He’ll just hop on and ride around for a little bit and then jump off and play with something else. His legs are a little bit too short to use the pedals, but that doesn’t stop him 🙂

This particular video is from the other morning while I was getting ready for work. And yes, it was intended to be an outdoor toy and I’ll bring it down the stairs sometime.

Happy Birthday Damien, Part II

Here are the pictures of Damien tonight with his cake and ice cream which we moved to tonight so that Scott could be present.

Unsure of what to think of the candles

He wanted to touch them

The handsome birthday boy!

He couldn’t quite figure out how to blow them out

He ate all the frosting off the top with a spoon first


Close up cake face

Big bite

Happy Birthday Damien!

Happy Birthday Damien!!!

Damien turned two years old today! Scott had to work a 12 hour shift today so we’ll do cupcakes and candles for Damien tomorrow since we all have Labor Day off. On Saturday, Damien opened all the presents from his Grandpa and Grandma Hanks. Today, Damien opened all his presents from his Great Grandma Smith (I’m still getting used to the new last name). Here’s a video of him opening his presents today. I went a little bit fast, but only because I couldn’t do much while trying to film it at the same time.

Thanks so much for sending the gifts. Damien really likes the Mickey Mouse and Goofy figurines with the cars.  He also loves to hit things with the hammer and he spent quite a bit of time playing with the Elmo cell phone. He is scared of the drill and the bathtime Elmo because they move. I’ll show them to him again tomorrow to see if he’ll be more comfortable around them. But again, thanks for the birthday presents 🙂 I think he had a great day 😀