Dachau Concentration Camp – 26 May

Scott and I visited the Dachau Concentration Camp while in Munich, Germany. There wasn’t a tour so we just walked around freely. There was so much information and there just wasn’t enough time to read everything. It’s very difficult to imagine this actually happening–very sad. I don’t understand how this happens. They’ve now built four churches of different faiths at the camp for people to reflect on what they’ve seen.

This camp was open for 12 years with 200,000 incarcerated. 43,000+ died…

This marks where the prisons got off the bus to line up for entry

Gate to go inside

Me just outside the entrance

The crematorium was the furthest away from everything so we visited it first

The crematorium

This is the waiting area where victims were informed of their “showers”.

Door to the gas chamber. The room was disguised as showers to prevent people from refusing to enter the room.

Inside the gas chamber. During a period of 15-20 min, up to 150 people at a time could be suffocated to death.

Room where the dead were brought before they were cremated.

Incinerator room

Each furnace could cremate two to three corpses at once.

Pistol range for execution

The entry to the crematorium area

Perimeter fence to prevent escape. If the prisoners got too close, they were shot.

The strips are were the barracks used to be

In between the rows of barracks

This was one of two barracks still there at the site, and the only one we could go into

Entry to the barracks


More rows of beds

Pic of men in the beds

Locker room

Outside the old maintenance building where it contained a kitchen, laundry, and supplies. It’s also where the prisons registered upon arrival to the camp. It’s now a museum.

Inside the museum

Prisoner uniform

Cruel form of punishment. The prisoner had to count along and if they misspoke, they would have to start again so they were hit more times than ordered. It says on the sign “The abused prisoner’s screams were widely heard…”

Terrible living conditions

Gold teeth register

I always find treatment of women to be interesting. I didn’t even think of them being here too for some reason. Women weren’t brought here though until the final phase of war to do hard labor. They endured the same conditions as the men, but were also subjected to sexual violence.

Outside the building (to the left) for solitary confinement and special prisoners to include political prisoners.

Very long hallway with lots of rooms…

This shows the “standing cells”. They created four areas in a room so small a prisoner couldn’t sit or lay down. They were kept here for up to 72 hours. After the liberation, the American military removed the cells.

Looking into a room from the hallway…so creepy…

Munich – 26 May

Scott and I took a day trip to Munich, Germany for a city tour and to visit a concentration camp. My Grandma stayed back to watch Damien–thanks Grandma! As with the Heidelberg trip, I can’t remember everything that was said. I think it was about a 4-5 hour bus ride and then a one hour city bus tour followed by a walking tour. After that we had some free time to shop and we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. After lunch, we finished the day off at the Dachau Concentration Camp, but those photos will be in the next post. I don’t have any photos from the bus tour because we were moving and I didn’t want to get sick. Plus, it would have been difficult to get a decent photo. Munich has a very interesting history so it was definitely a great place to see–too bad I can’t remember it! I know it’s part of Bavaria and is the third largest city in Germany.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace

Scott spent a lot of time taking pictures of the swans so it was only right that I posted one 🙂

All I can remember is this was a very old part of the city

A story went along with this place…it was said that wild pig tried to kill a baby boy and the tenants’ monkey kidnapped the baby to the attic for a few hours to save it. Baby was returned to family safely.

Street view in Munich

It was hard to get the whole structure in one photo


Opera House

I can’t remember what the building is behind Scott…I know they’ve spent YEARS rebuilding it though.

Me! I was a little creeped out by the homeless man behind me though…

Lots of bikes

Hi, Scott!

Famous King

This building was one of Hitler’s that survived the war

Interesting fact about Munich: So much of the city was destroyed in the war so it had to be rebuilt. After much debate, they decided to reconstruct it using the old lines…meaning that the roads, curves, and buildings were kept the same instead of adopting a grid-style and architecture like a modern city. This road is so wide and straight and it was considered very modern and different in its time.

Street view – outside of Hard Rock Cafe

Inside the Hard Rock Cafe

Heidelberg Trip on 22 May (aka My Birthday)

I finally got around to posting pictures from the Heidelberg day trip that Scott, Grandma, and I went on for my 26th birthday this year. I’m a little sad I didn’t get them posted earlier only because I forgot a lot of what the tour guide said. It was a very nice trip. Scott got us to the Heidelberg castle in the perfect amount of time to take an English speaking tour. I do remember the lunch was delicious too–a brat and a chocolate cupcake 🙂

I had already been to the Heidelberg castle back in December 2010 with my friend Sarah, but it was definitely great to see again in the warmer months with a guided tour. After the tour we wandered around by ourselves to take photos and looked around the Apothecary Museum. I think my favorite part was the view of the village from the castle.

A model of the castle area


I think this is where the criminals were held when they were being punished…only I think it was a one-way trip.

To pump the wine up for all the thirsty people


Not sure what this is for, but it looked interesting

Source of heat. There’s a little door on the outside of the room so the servants could keep the fires going without entering the room.

There were lots of statues. Notice a certain part having been touched a lot?

Don’t remember who this guy is, but the interesting part is that the man in this painting is only 18 years old. The artist painted him to look older on purpose so he seemed I guess more powerful and manly.

I wonder if these people were considered attractive in that time. I wonder if an artist would make someone important look better…kind of like a Renaissance version of Photoshop

Door handle thing

Just wanted to show the door casing-to-person ratio

Church area

Very large barrel of wine

I completely forget the significance of this…I think this person drank a lot and probably died of drinking water.

The Apothecary Museum

I’m pretty sure people were high and/or drunk a lot…

Why this pic? For some reason it reminds me of Dad and his shop of random stuff.

I felt this area was a bit creepy

Scott and I

Grandma and I

Amazing view from the castle area

Ok, look at the church on the left–Notice a red car? That’s my car! We just picked it up from the dealership the day before this trip. It’s funny that we happened to capture it in the photo.

Stereotypical European home? It’s what I picture anyways

Scott and Grandma 🙂

Random Fountain in the middle of nowhere while walking around

Good Weekend with Some Not So Good Moments

A few things out of the normal occurred this weekend, so I feel the need to write about it. First, was coming home from work on Friday with Damien. I am hauling a gym bag, a back pack, and Damien up three flights of stairs. Apparently some small animal took a dump on my welcome mat outside my door…which is inside the building…So either an animal walked inside the building during the day or my neighbors are trying to send me a message lol. Anyways, with trying to balance everything in my arms and get Damien inside the apartment, he gets away from me and grabs it–yuck! I think I may have been screaming some swear words in the stairwell. Oh well.

The next event took place on Sunday. I have a baby gate to keep Damien out of the kitchen and I feel like I go back and forth over that gate a million times a day. Another thing that’s important to this story is that the walls here are made of cement. So I was probably on my 20th trip over the gate and I accidentally kicked the door frame with my foot. I heard a crack and it was painful, but not the worst pain ever. The odd thing was that I felt like I was going to faint and I had to sit down. Luckily I didn’t since Scott wasn’t there and Damien was screaming at me because he was hungry (which is why I went into the kitchen in the first place). I thought I broke my toe, but it turns out it’s just badly bruised. The whole top of it is black with a little bit of purple. What the eff?

And that leads us into this morning…I’m getting my things together for another great Monday morning at work when I realize I can’t find my keys. I come to the conclusion that they’re locked in my car…So I have to call Scott at 0520 so he can drive over and unlock my car for me. I was pretty upset at myself for not being more careful, but I did make it to PT at the very last second so I wasn’t late 🙂

And of course I must end on a positive note…Scott is now back on day shift for the first time since March–yay! It meant that he was around a lot this weekend to see Damien and me instead of sleeping the day away. I just realized I didn’t take any pictures…maybe in two weeks when he has another weekend off I can take some.

Proud Mommy

If I could clone a day with Damien, it would be today. He was so well-behaved and sweet. He played quietly and listened well. What more could you ask for? The videos are somewhat awkward. The first one he’s repeating the words I’m saying…only I couldn’t think of things fast enough so there’s some dead air. The second video he’s going over the body parts he knows. I think he knows belly too. Oh, and he’s now 22 months old. Crazy.

I wouldn’t normally post such an unflattering photo of myself online, but I’m in a good mood and Damien is adorable. He likes to jump on my back if there’s room for him on the couch.