PT Test Results

I took my PT Test today and passed! It’s an awesome feeling 🙂 Everyone else said they weren’t even worried about it, but there’s a lot of pressure to do well. Anyways, I ran the 1.5 mile run in 14:16, completed 54 situps in a min, and 27 pushups in a minute. With my abdominal circumference measuring 32.5, I ended up actually getting a higher score on this test than the last one I took in October. Yay! 

When It Rains, It Pours

Yesterday (Saturday) the base had the dental clinic open from 0800-1200 to give dental exams for children. Since Damien hasn’t been to the dentist yet in his life, I figured it was a good opportunity to see how everything was coming in. I arrived right at 8 to see people standing outside the building. This should have been my first clue. The doors didn’t open until 8 so I figured that it wasn’t THAT many people. Damien and I stood in line for about an hour to get the paperwork to be seen. I saw the list for 0-4 year olds and it wasn’t that long. I asked about the wait and the lady said it should go pretty fast. So Damien and I actually found a place to sit and I spent another hour trying to keep him entertained. By this time, it’s 1000 and I’m STARVING. So I go up to the counter to ask about wait times and they said they were running about an hour and a half behind! I couldn’t do it any longer and I left. I didn’t bring enough stuff with me for such a long wait and I was too hungry to continue. Damien was going nuts too. I also had signed up for the Give Parents a Break program on base so I just went straight over and dropped him off at the daycare for a few hours. What a HUGE mistake that dental thing was. Scott couldn’t believe I stayed as long as I did. The worst part about it all was it’s just an example of how horrible the resources are here. There are too many people for the amount of services available. I couldn’t even make an appointment with Damien’s doctor when he was sick because every morning when I would call, all the appointments were taken. Then Damien got better before I could get an appointment.

While Scott was driving last night in his BMW, he slid off the road and hit a post. Luckily he’s okay, but the car isn’t. If the HUGE dent in the side wasn’t enough, one of the tires is now slowly leaking air. He’s taking it in tomorrow hoping get fixed before he goes into work at 7:30pm. I’m still driving a rental car while my car is in the shop. I should have an update on my car tomorrow.

And to top everything off, Damien has been OVERLY rebellious. He will not stop for anything. Over and over and over again I have to say “No”, “Don’t touch”, or “Don’t go in there”. I’m about to lose my mind with him.

Playing Around

Just a video of Damien and Scott playing around that I thought was cute 🙂

The weather here has been wacky lately. Cold and rainy in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon. I wish spring would just show up for good already so I can retire my winter coat until the end of the year.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Today started out with a visit from the Easter Bunny. Damien can say “thank you”…well it’s more like “ank ou”, but still adorable. He wouldn’t say it for me in the video so maybe another time. Then after breakfast, Damien and I went to the park while Scott went to bed. Out of everything on a playground, nothing pleases him more than to go up and down stairs. It’s good practice though and he’s getting pretty good at it now. We didn’t stay very long since it was rather cold. Then after the park, we watched the first part of Finding Nemo, ate lunch, and now he’s down for his nap. So far it’s been a nice day 🙂

Can’t Catch a Break

So aside from work being extra demanding this week, Scott and I had a bit of bad luck. We turned in my car to the mechanic last week to fix a transmission fluid leak and to replace a headlight. Scott had attempted to replace the headlight himself, but apparently this particular car is difficult. We have no clue when we’re going to get the car back since everytime Scott calls, he’s told they haven’t really looked at it yet. So we forked over money for a rental car since he’s on night shift and I still have to work. So tonight I’m driving home from work with Damien and the car dies at a red light. It’s not completely uncommon for Scott’s car to die on me, but it’s never happened like this. So I restart and try to move forward on the hill and it’s BARELY moving. Of course I have impatient cars behind me. I manage to get my car to move very slowly to an area where the road breaks off into two lanes and park. A German man on a scooter stops and lets me know my car is leaking gas. Yep, I thought I smelled it, but there was quite a lot of gas on the road where my car was parked. He suggested calling ADAC which is a towing company. I called Scott who just woke up to come help me. By the time we get ahold of ADAC to come out, Damien is getting pretty upset and wants out of his car seat. So I end up taking Damien home while Scott waits for the tow truck. Scott ends up sitting there for over an hour. We weren’t thinking so he didn’t dress warm enough and didn’t bring anything to eat (he just woke up). Ugh, I’m just upset. What a terrible way to start a holiday weekend.


EDIS came out tonight to do their evaluation with Damien to see if he qualifies for their services. In short, he does for the language portion. I’m not 100% sure of what’s next. I guess next week is some sort of an interview thing. I’m not really sure. Hmmm…this is a pretty uneventful post. Oh well, I’ll have more next week as things progress.

Parent/Teacher Conference

I had my first parent/teacher conference today with Damien’s teachers. They have them twice a year. In short, he’s a normal kid 🙂 He’s developmentally where he should be for his age. No surprises there. And even though he is a little bit behind in the speech department, they said that there are a few kids older than Damien in his class that aren’t saying many words either. They said he’s a sweetheart, but can be challenging. Meaning he’s rebellious at times. He can also be a good helper and plays well with the other kids. He understands simple commands. Oh, and they said he’s very proud of what he does and loves praise. That’s all I can really think of.