Just Felt Like Posting

Decided it was time to add something new to the site. Below is a picture of Scott and Damien watching cartoons last weekend. That’s Damien’s favorite spot to sit when he’s calm enough to sit still.

And here’s a video I found from last Christmas. This is an example of how Damien behaves when he’s full of energy. Usually I just post videos of him when he’s all mellow and interested in something. This is how he acts a lot of the time though. I dread the day he doesn’t take naps anymore!

Videos of Damien in February

Since I can’t post all the videos I took of Damien this month, I’ve posted a couple to youtube. It’s set up to only be able to view if you have the link. It’s not that these videos are particularly exciting, but just so you can see what he does day to day. Unfortunately, the lighting inside my house is HORRIBLE, but you should be able to see enough.

Damien playing in one of the kitchen cabinets (stacking cans and such) 
Damien at Yabadoos in Germany

Test Video

So I’m posting this video of Damien from I’m guessing December 2010 (judging by the Christmas lights in the window) to see if maybe the size has something to do with why I can’t post a video. I’m not sure if I’ve posted it already or not…


I’m pretty bummed out because I have a video of Damien eating a mini drumstick tonight and this site won’t let me post it 🙁 I guess you’ll have to settle for pictures instead. Also, the poor lighting in the house makes it very difficult to take a nice pictures. I tried…

Military Doctors

I woke up this morning and my stomach hurt, which later turned into nausea. I decided enough is enough with feeling lousy, so I made an appointment at the clinic. I didn’t get seen until 10 and between going to the lab, pharmacy, and turning in my quarters slip, I didn’t get home to rest until almost noon. The most frustrating part is that my doctor didn’t want to give me quarters at all. When I asked about it, she asked me if I was busy at work and said that the drugs she was prescribing should make me feel better to continue working. wtf? This isn’t the first time a military doctor has decided to take it upon themselves to determine whether my squadron can afford to do without me or not. They have no right in my opinion to determine unit/mission degradation. They just need to do what they can to make me feel better so I can get back to work, not deny me time to rest. Usually quarters is for 24-48hrs. She only gave me until tomorrow morning. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get. I did get to rest, nap, and take a hot bath. It’s hard to determine whether I’m feeling better or not. The body aches aren’t really going away. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep through the night and feel 100% by tomorrow. Oh, I almost forgot, they are doing a test on my throat to determine whether it’s strep or not…since it’s still bothering me. I guess we’ll see whether I’m going on antibiotics or not. Fun stuff.

17 Months

Damien is now 17 months old and I don’t think I’ve posted pictures in a while. These are from today. I also tried to post a video of him playing in the kitchen cabinet, but it might be too large because I keep getting errors. Damien and I just hung out all day while Scott was at work. I bought a puppy hand puppet that just came in the mail so I used that a few times today. Damien seems nervous when I make it talk sometimes, but overall I think he likes it. It’s too hard to get a video or pictures of that by myself.

In other news, my throat is still bothering me. It’s not bad enough to see a doctor, but it’s annoying. I’m not sure if Scott’s 100% either. Also, the cleaning people came on Tuesday for the initial cleaning. I mean things looked cleaned so I’d say it was a success, but it’s still too early for me to decide if I like it or not.