EDIS Appointment

I couldn’t post anything last night because we didn’t have any internet. Anyways, the lady from EDIS came out to our house yesterday to see how Damien was doing. She agreed that while he’s right on track with everything else, that he’s a little behind when it comes to communication. The hearing test we have scheduled for Damien (now 5 Oct) will determine whether he can hear the sounds correctly. I guess sometimes the ears don’t drain well and the sounds are muffled. She also gave us some tips. Pretty much just repeating sounds and trying to get him at a time when he can focus…that’s super difficult considering we get him at the very end of the day when he’s winding down for bedtime. Weekends will work better though. She said he seemed very well engaged and interested in things. I do notice though that Damien doesn’t do a lot of imitation. It seemed to be what was missing. I guess he just wants to do his own thing how he wants to do it. I’m dying to know how his personality is going to be later in life. Independent? Or is it going to mean he just won’t listen. He’s definitely not shy at all. No sense of stranger danger. Scott said when he went to pick him up from daycare a couple weeks ago that he was being a bully and grabbing toys from other (younger) babies. *sigh* What will be next? lol

It’s Been Awhile

I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update. I’ve been super busy, but now that I sit here and think about it, not much is new (although I wrote a lot).

I sat down with my personal trainer, Sandi, on Wednesday to talk about my diet because I’m really wanting to lose weight. Back in August, I had kept track of what I ate for 2 weeks so I brought my notebook with me. Afterwards, I felt like her comments were obvious and that I should have seen it myself. I started up the food journal again, but this time making more detailed notes. After really looking at what I eat, it’s the weekends where I eat the worst. I’ve been trying to follow Sandi’s advice, but who can pass up on real Belgium chocolate? *sigh* Baby steps…

Scott and I are still attempting the weight loss challenge. He hasn’t lost any weight yet, but he has starting working out. I have lost around 5 lbs, but I don’t think that’s very accurate since the weigh-in times have been inconsistent.

And of course, there’s Damien. I think he’s getting some new teeth in because he is always tired and cranky. I’ve been hearing some super loud, high-pitched screams recently and I’m not a fan. I have a home-visit with EDIS scheduled on Tuesday. They’re the people who deal with child development. I got a referral from Damien’s pediatrician because of how he scored in the communication section of the assessment during his 1 year checkup. Maybe I should explain this more…Before each appointment, I have to fill out a questionnaire about what Damien can do. It asks things about motor skills, communication, etc. Damien has never scored particularly high on these assessments. Anyways, I figured it can’t hurt to have someone take a look at him. I spoke with the lady who’s coming out and she said she can give us some tips on how to maybe move his speech along. AND on top of all of this, my pediatrician recommended a hearing test for Damien just to ensure he can hear sounds correctly. He said it’s just something to knock out and that it could hinder him saying sounds.   

Toys and Doctor Appt

Damien’s so spoiled! Scott and I ordered a few items from Amazon for Damien with the monies he received for his birthday. Yes, more gifts. He got a ball that you put shapes into. It’s in the background of the first posted pic. He also got a 200 piece mega block set and a place to store his toys. I’m pretty sure Scott enjoys the blocks more than Damien considering Damien was happy playing with the plastic tubs from his toy storage. I got some cute pics though 🙂

In other news, Damien went in for his 1 year check up doctor’s appointment today. He’s 22 lbs and healthy. The only factor that may be a problem is his vocab and speech. The doctor wants us to schedule him for a hearing test just to make sure he’s able to hear the sounds correctly. Oh, he also got 5 shots in his legs and had blood drawn-yikes! I felt SO bad for him. He recovered quickly though…and he got his new toys in today which is good because it distracted him if he was feeling any pain.

And last topic to mention is his photos. We picked out the three poses that we felt were the best so I hope everyone likes them. No clue how long it’ll take to come in.

Wow, long post tonight 🙂


After Damien’s photos yesterday, we were walking around the BX when we saw something we thought Damien would like. Well, I think Scott was more excited about it than anything. It’s an ATV for 12-36 months. We were all done with Damien’s birthday presents too, but oh well. The battery had to charge for 18 hours so we didn’t get to see Damien ride it until this morning. I don’t think he understands how to use it yet and he definitely doesn’t know how to turn lol.

Birthday Boy :D

I baked cupcakes for Damien’s first birthday and brought them to his daycare for the kids to enjoy. It’s yellow cake with chocolate and vanilla whipped frosting. I think they said they took some pictures so I’m hoping to see some next week. Below are some pics of Damien today enjoying his last cupcake with his proud parents.

Today, we also took Damien for his professional photos. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’d say it went well. He was in a great mood the first half hour. Of course, he was rather active and wanted to roam. The second half hour though he was a little fussy. I think he was getting tired at that point and did NOT want to smile anymore lol. I hope we got some good shots. There was some pictures taken of him standing, sitting, and crawling. I won’t get to see them though until Tuesday. Maybe I can get some time off work to go over and see them and place my order. So excited!

The Whitehill Weight Loss Challenge

Scott and I are completely fed up with how much weight we’ve gained over the years so we decided to do a little weight loss challenge for the next 2 months starting today. We’re not sure what the prize for winning will be yet, probably money though. It’ll be based on the total % of pounds lost to make it more fair between us. We’ll be weighing in once a week to keep track of how we’re doing, and there are rules like NO DIET PILLS. I want this to be a lifestyle change. Last night we weighed ourselves and took “before” pictures. I’m starting at 175 lbs and Scott is at 196 lbs. I would really like to lose 20 lbs. That seems reasonable anyways. I’m pretty nervous since I’m sure it’ll be much easier for Scott. If nothing else though, this will help us be healthier. I REALLY need to work on portion control. Tonight, I measured out a half cup of ice cream instead of just filling up the bowl. That HAS to help, right?

My Baby Boy!

One year ago today, I was admitted into the hospital waiting for Damien to arrive. Earlier in the day, I was walking around with contractions as Scott and I tried to get the last minute stuff done–like installing the car seat. Scott had only been in Germany for 2 weeks at that time and we didn’t have our furniture yet. I think we only had managed to find one car at the time too. It was a little overwhelming, but Scott really pulled through for me and was the greatest support EVER! Now a year later and I wish I had taken more photos and videos. Amazing memories with an amazing family.

Here is a video taken from the other day. He’s not very interested in walking yet, but I happened to catch this on video of him pushing his walker.