PT Test Results

Unfortunately, I didn’t pass my PT test today. It is now my second PT failure in a row. I did improve, but still failed the pushup portion. I needed 18 to pass 🙁

April’s PT Test:
1.5 mile run: 15:04
Situps: 49
Pushups: 11
Waist Measurement: 35
Total Score: 72

Today’s PT Test:
1.5 mile run: 14:14
Situps: 48
Pushups: 14
Waist Measurement: 34
Total Score: 76.9


My leave has ended and I have to return to work tomorrow after a nice week-long break. I hope I didn’t do too much damage with all the eating I’ve been doing. Between the large portions of Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Italian foods and desserts, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone completely overboard. There’s so much delicious food to enjoy and I eat like it’s my last meal. It didn’t help that the extra working out had made me hungrier than normal. I’m trying not to beat myself up over it too much. Tomorrow is another day to try to do it right again.

I ordered cannolis stuffed with ice cream while Scott had a banana split.

Damien Eating Cake

I gave Damien some cake for the first time. He seemed to like it 🙂 He also really loved holding the fork in his hand lol. And then he earned himself a bath with the gigantic cake mess he made. My job never ends…

Castles on the Rhine & River Cruise Part 3

Last on our day trip was free time for exploring/shopping. Scott and I stumbled across a medieval torture museum. I have to say that it was really creepy. I don’t think the pictures are a good representation of how dark and creepy it was inside.

“Masks of Shame” for punishment. Mostly used on women.

The “Barrel Pillory” used for public drunkenness.

The “Inquisition Chair”

The “Rack” for stretching and dislocating the body. Possible to lengthen to 30cm!

What torture museum would be complete without a guillotine.

The “Judas Cradle” 🙁

Depiction on how the Judas Cradle is used. The executioner decided how much of the victims body weight to use.

“Water Torture” Water was forced into the person’s mouth by funnel so they felt like they couldn’t breathe.

The “Oral Pear” was forced down the mouth and expanded.

Castles on the Rhine & River Cruise Part 2

After the castle tour, we stopped by a wine shop to sample a few wines and brandies. Then it was onto our two hour river cruise down the Rhine River. There were many castles to see along the way. They were built as a way to collect tolls from people along the river. They estimate one castle per every mile and most were built illegally. After the boat ride we ate jaegerschnitzel for lunch and had more wine tasting. Next, we took a cable car ride up to a scenic view.

Scott and I purchased a delicious “ice wine”

All aboard!

It was super windy!

Cable Car ride. You can see the vineyards below. 80% of the wine in this area is white.

Scott doesn’t seem to fit in with this picture lol

View from the top 🙂

Castles on the Rhine & River Cruise Part 1

Scott and I took an RTT trip on Thursday and it was amazing! First stop was the Reichenstein Castle or “Burg Reichenstein”. It’s one of the oldest castles along the Rhine River and has been destroyed and rebuilt at least three times.

On the drawbridge

Secret passageway to get food in and out of the castle while under attack.

Dragon chandelier


Library. The books were never read…

Bedroom. They slept sitting up because of nightmares

The hallways are decorated in antlers to show their status

Pool Time!

Scott and I took Damien to the pool on Saturday for the first time. I think it went well. Damien was scared at first, but after a little bit of time, he warmed up to the idea. He started to relax a little bit after a little boy came up and tried to hand Damien a little star toy. Damien just smiled at him 🙂 but was more comfortable then in the water.