Busy Week

This week Damien is now able to push himself around the floor on his stomach. He’s kinda slow and awkward, but he’s on his way to crawling soon! Also, he’s sprouting his very first tooth. I can only hope he takes it well. I know I hear about teething=cranky…so we’ll see.

Crawling is Around the Corner

So, the little guy has developed a system for getting around now. Tonight was the first time I’ve seen him do anything like this. He rolls himself onto his stomach and rotates and drags himself along the floor. I think I decided a little too late to grab the camera because he was getting fussy at that point, but you can still see him moving. Before we know it, he’ll be crawling!


Here’s Damien in his new high chair hanging out with Scott and me while we’re eating dinner. He hasn’t figured out yet that Cheerios are food lol. I especially love how interested Damien always is in whatever Scott is doing. 🙂

New Toy

Damien is always reaching for the TV remotes so when I saw a baby toy cell phone tonight, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy it for him. It has little buttons on it and makes noise. It kept him quite entertained. 😀 Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I looked through some photos of myself today on Facebook. I have to say that anything taken around 2008 and newer I look VERY large. It’s right around the time Scott came home from Korea his first tour and we went out to eat a lot. The pictures taken prior to 2008, I didn’t look too bad. Of course, I didn’t believe that at the time. It’s kinda depressing to see what I look like now. The weight makes me look so much older. Doesn’t help that I have stopped wearing eye makeup and I’ve never been good at doing my hair. I just don’t have the energy for it anymore…and I guess that shows. I still have been unable to come up with any sort of diet that I can stick to…but what I am doing is just trying to fill up on my meal and skipping the desserts in the evenings. That has to help a little, right? It’s at the very least a little healthier.

Neighborhood Walk

Yesterday I took Damien for a short 10 min walk around our neighborhood in his stroller. He seemed to really enjoy it (based on the fact that he was calm and didn’t make a peep) and I got in a little bit of exercise. The weather was nice and our neighborhood is so pretty. It was just perfect. Then I came home and Damien was fussy again…Oh well…at least I got a short break.