Since Scott is on night shift and works every Sunday and every other Saturday, I have a lot of time to spend with Damien. This is a picture taken yesterday when Scott and I were heading out to get some groceries. The video was shot this morning of Damien during some “tummy-time”. He’s not a fan…lol. Damien has been in a great mood today. It’s so great. He also devoured some sweet potatoes. So he likes sweet potatoes, bananas, and carrots. He doesn’t like peas or green beans. What a surprise…Anyways, I’ve also posted a video shot just a few minutes ago while he was playing quietly. He REALLY loves the lion puppet haha.

Trying Fish

I’ve been wanting to re-try fish for a while now. It’s supposed to be super healthy and when I see it in restaurants on the menu, it always looks appetizing. I remember eating fish that my Mom made and never liked it. I hated the consistency and picking out the bones. So yesterday Scott and I bought some Mahi Mahi fillets that didn’t contain bones and I found a tasty looking glaze recipe online which had honey, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and olive oil in it. We fried it up on the stove and aside from the outside layer being a little bit burnt, it turned out to be VERY good. I was impressed. Not only was the glaze delicious, but even the fish by itself was good. I’m excited to now have added a whole new “type” of food to the list of things I will eat 🙂   

Something New

Damien started doing something new…sticking his tongue out. He does it ALL THE TIME now lol. I think it’s funny. I fed him peas today and all he did was push it out of his mouth. I don’t think he actually ate any of it. Oh well.


Just wanted to post a quick video of Damien eating bananas from the other day. I tried to feed him the chicken one yesterday and it smelled SOOOOO bad. Damien seemed really upset when I put it in his mouth too lol. I don’t think I’ll try another meat one for a while. So disgusting. Oh, and I accidentally shot the on its side…Oh well, I tried 🙂

Damien is 5 months old!

My little baby Damien is now 5 months old. Next week I’m planning to introduce him to some baby food for the first time. I took some photos of him this morning in an outfit we got from his Uncle Robbie and Aunt Naomi.