Home for the Weekend

Since Damien and I arrived home on 4 July, we have a nice weekend to get things back in order before the work week starts again. Unfortunately, Virginia is not only hot and humid, but the bugs right now are HORRIBLE! I can’t stand to be at the park for longer than 15 min before we’re heading back to the house.

So cute!

Oh and while in ND, my Mom bought Damien a sweet Spiderman punching bag which he LOVES!!! 😀


Tired of Moving

My stuff was delivered on Friday and I’ve been working my butt off to get everything ready for Damien’s arrival. I’m not finished yet, but I decided to take some photos of my progress. I can’t decide where to put certain things or how to arrange the furniture, but it’s good enough for now. I don’t work tomorrow since it’s Labor Day which gives me one more full day to put stuff away. Everytime I move I always wish I could trash all my stuff and get nice, new things. It’s all a big mixture of junk I’ve accumulated over the years. I can’t ever seem to part with a functioning piece of furniture though…

The spare bedroom for my scrapbooking and web surfing 🙂
My desk
The master bedroom
The staircase
Damien’s room. I’m not 100% happy with how it looks but it’ll be fine for right now. Damien only just sleeps in his room anyways.
This is the view from Damien’s bedroom window. The garage is too small to fit a car which is lame. Oh, and look you can see the water!
The living room. The left side of this space is what I’m using as the dining room.
This is the formal dining room which I’ll be using as Damien’s playroom. I’m still working on it.

Yep, I’m tired lol.


Swimming Pool

Scott and I took Damien to the indoor swimming pool on Saturday so see how he feels about the water. He gets really nervous around running water like showers and such. We haven’t taken him to a pool since he was around one years old. Anyways, he had a great time and didn’t want to leave.

IMG_0464 IMG_0466 IMG_0472

Scott’s First Weekend Back

It’s been really great having Scott around all the time now. Here are some highlights from this weekend.

Early Saturday morning
Damien is counting his sticks.
He loves sticks.
Again with the sticks…
Damien getting a ride back to the apartment on Sunday.
He’s probably pointing out a “big tree” or something…

Scott’s Return

Scott made it back to Germany safe and sound. The airport shuttle did get a flat tire on the way from Frankfurt, but he still made it home before me. When I picked up Damien from daycare today, I asked him if he wanted to go see Daddy to which he replied “my eyes are blue” while pointing to his eyes. Well, not exactly the response I was expecting. Damien did give Scott a hug when we first got home, but then was kind of shy and wasn’t quite sure what to think. Many more adjustments to come as we prepare to move back to the States. Yikes, it’s coming up quick!

Babysitter Extraordinaire!

Saturday night I offered to watch a coworker’s two little boys so her and her husband could enjoy dinner and a movie. The older boy, Xavier, is 2 years old and played nicely with Damien’s toys and watched movies. He really loved reading in Damien’s inflatable play area. The younger boy, Xander, just turned one. I thought he was pretty adorable. He just walked around and smiled at me. Damien, on the other hand, was a nightmare. He was running around and yelling and just acting out of control. He was even a little aggressive with the other kids. And he was asking for help on things he doesn’t need help with. Scott says he probably was just seeking attention and I would agree. I ended up putting Damien to bed at 8 just to get some peace! This is the very first time I’ve ever babysat in my life which I think is kind of funny. And no, this does NOT mean I intend to have more 🙂

In other news, I was picking up the living room today so I could vacuum and Damien brought out the broom and dust pan so he could sweep. I found him “helping” and decided it might make a cute video.

And lastly, it sounds like Scott will be coming home at the end of May! Yay!

Date Day and the Noise Factor

December 28th was the one and only day that both Scott and I didn’t work and the daycare was open to take Damien. This meant we had a date day 🙂 We ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and then we drove out to Zweibrucken for the first time to visit their outlet mall. It’s about a 35 min drive and the shopping was pretty decent. We bought a few things for ourselves and headed back in good time to pick up Damien. I’m pretty bummed out that Scott is leaving on Thursday, but I think I’ll be able to make a trip up to the UK with Damien in March or April for a few days to do some sightseeing in London.

In other news, Damien is so freaking LOUD. I’ve decided he takes after the Hanks family for his booming voice. What I mean by that is his voice CARRIES and he’s so vocal–even when he’s eating! I took a video of him playing with his toys this morning. Yes, he has this energy (and usually worse) for most of the day…Please help me…LOL…


Good Weekend with Some Not So Good Moments

A few things out of the normal occurred this weekend, so I feel the need to write about it. First, was coming home from work on Friday with Damien. I am hauling a gym bag, a back pack, and Damien up three flights of stairs. Apparently some small animal took a dump on my welcome mat outside my door…which is inside the building…So either an animal walked inside the building during the day or my neighbors are trying to send me a message lol. Anyways, with trying to balance everything in my arms and get Damien inside the apartment, he gets away from me and grabs it–yuck! I think I may have been screaming some swear words in the stairwell. Oh well.

The next event took place on Sunday. I have a baby gate to keep Damien out of the kitchen and I feel like I go back and forth over that gate a million times a day. Another thing that’s important to this story is that the walls here are made of cement. So I was probably on my 20th trip over the gate and I accidentally kicked the door frame with my foot. I heard a crack and it was painful, but not the worst pain ever. The odd thing was that I felt like I was going to faint and I had to sit down. Luckily I didn’t since Scott wasn’t there and Damien was screaming at me because he was hungry (which is why I went into the kitchen in the first place). I thought I broke my toe, but it turns out it’s just badly bruised. The whole top of it is black with a little bit of purple. What the eff?

And that leads us into this morning…I’m getting my things together for another great Monday morning at work when I realize I can’t find my keys. I come to the conclusion that they’re locked in my car…So I have to call Scott at 0520 so he can drive over and unlock my car for me. I was pretty upset at myself for not being more careful, but I did make it to PT at the very last second so I wasn’t late 🙂

And of course I must end on a positive note…Scott is now back on day shift for the first time since March–yay! It meant that he was around a lot this weekend to see Damien and me instead of sleeping the day away. I just realized I didn’t take any pictures…maybe in two weeks when he has another weekend off I can take some.

When It Rains, It Pours

Yesterday (Saturday) the base had the dental clinic open from 0800-1200 to give dental exams for children. Since Damien hasn’t been to the dentist yet in his life, I figured it was a good opportunity to see how everything was coming in. I arrived right at 8 to see people standing outside the building. This should have been my first clue. The doors didn’t open until 8 so I figured that it wasn’t THAT many people. Damien and I stood in line for about an hour to get the paperwork to be seen. I saw the list for 0-4 year olds and it wasn’t that long. I asked about the wait and the lady said it should go pretty fast. So Damien and I actually found a place to sit and I spent another hour trying to keep him entertained. By this time, it’s 1000 and I’m STARVING. So I go up to the counter to ask about wait times and they said they were running about an hour and a half behind! I couldn’t do it any longer and I left. I didn’t bring enough stuff with me for such a long wait and I was too hungry to continue. Damien was going nuts too. I also had signed up for the Give Parents a Break program on base so I just went straight over and dropped him off at the daycare for a few hours. What a HUGE mistake that dental thing was. Scott couldn’t believe I stayed as long as I did. The worst part about it all was it’s just an example of how horrible the resources are here. There are too many people for the amount of services available. I couldn’t even make an appointment with Damien’s doctor when he was sick because every morning when I would call, all the appointments were taken. Then Damien got better before I could get an appointment.

While Scott was driving last night in his BMW, he slid off the road and hit a post. Luckily he’s okay, but the car isn’t. If the HUGE dent in the side wasn’t enough, one of the tires is now slowly leaking air. He’s taking it in tomorrow hoping get fixed before he goes into work at 7:30pm. I’m still driving a rental car while my car is in the shop. I should have an update on my car tomorrow.

And to top everything off, Damien has been OVERLY rebellious. He will not stop for anything. Over and over and over again I have to say “No”, “Don’t touch”, or “Don’t go in there”. I’m about to lose my mind with him.

Can’t Catch a Break

So aside from work being extra demanding this week, Scott and I had a bit of bad luck. We turned in my car to the mechanic last week to fix a transmission fluid leak and to replace a headlight. Scott had attempted to replace the headlight himself, but apparently this particular car is difficult. We have no clue when we’re going to get the car back since everytime Scott calls, he’s told they haven’t really looked at it yet. So we forked over money for a rental car since he’s on night shift and I still have to work. So tonight I’m driving home from work with Damien and the car dies at a red light. It’s not completely uncommon for Scott’s car to die on me, but it’s never happened like this. So I restart and try to move forward on the hill and it’s BARELY moving. Of course I have impatient cars behind me. I manage to get my car to move very slowly to an area where the road breaks off into two lanes and park. A German man on a scooter stops and lets me know my car is leaking gas. Yep, I thought I smelled it, but there was quite a lot of gas on the road where my car was parked. He suggested calling ADAC which is a towing company. I called Scott who just woke up to come help me. By the time we get ahold of ADAC to come out, Damien is getting pretty upset and wants out of his car seat. So I end up taking Damien home while Scott waits for the tow truck. Scott ends up sitting there for over an hour. We weren’t thinking so he didn’t dress warm enough and didn’t bring anything to eat (he just woke up). Ugh, I’m just upset. What a terrible way to start a holiday weekend.