ND and Ten Year HS Reunion Trip Complete!

The last two weeks have gone by so quickly! It was a great, relaxing visit. I miss everyone…


Damien is so excited for our adventure!


Damien spent a lot of time with Grandpa Hanks this trip and had a lot of fun together 🙂

Hanging out in the backyard.
They played all sorts of games!
Damien playing a song on his new keyboard for us to enjoy 🙂
Damien also helped Grandpa with the yardwork. He helped rake, pull weeds and pick up debris. What a good helper!
Eating cherries.


Uncle David works the nightshift at his job, but did come over a lot of evenings to hang out with us.

An odd game of frisbee…
Having a great time!
Uncle David and Damien 🙂


Since Damien and I were leaving on the 4th of July, we decided to set off some fireworks a little early. This was Damien’s first experience with them and he was a little bit nervous at the ones that were loud.

Damien LOVED those snaps that you throw on the ground and they make a little “pop” sound.
FIRETRUCK! Probably not worth the money… But still cool.
The boys hanging out and lighting fireworks. Damien always wants to “help”.
Watching fireworks from the backdoor.


As I said, it went by so quickly. I did attend my 10 year high school reunion dinner and it was so great to see people! The attendance wasn’t the best so there were quite a few people I didn’t get to see at all. I’m actually kicking myself for not taking ANY pictures. What’s with that? And speaking of pictures, I also didn’t get a family photo this trip either! I must be slipping…

The trip back home to Virginia went great. The ONLY issue was that Damien’s carseat didn’t come in with our flight so the airline lent us a carseat so that we could drive home. The carseat was then delivered to my home later that evening so it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

Damien entertaining himself before the last flight home.
Playing on the airport playground equipment. They should have these in EVERY airport!


On Saturday Damien and I picked up Katrina from the Yorktown Pet Lodge where she was staying while we were out of town. The lady there said that Katrina was super friendly and there weren’t any problems. I was a little bit nervous that once we got her home that maybe she would be standoff-ish, but she was completely fine.

She still loves me 🙂



Since Damien and I were on our own this year for Thanksgiving, I took us to a Thanksgiving buffet on Langley. I chose the earliest time which was 11oo so I could get Damien down for a nap at a decent time. There was only one other family at the buffet for the first 30-40 minutes, but it worked out well because the food was good (the desserts were EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD) and Damien got a good nap in afterwards.

Damien and I before the buffet. He wasn’t too thrilled about taking a picture at the time 🙂
Damien picked out his own dessert — red velvet cake with chocolate and cream cheese frosting!
While Damien did eat most of the cake himself, I did help a little.
Another picture! We’re just getting ready to leave.

I know it’s early, but since I have a 4-day weekend it felt like a great time to decorate the house for Christmas. Damien really loves the Christmas lights.

The finished product. I had to wait until Damien was asleep to decorate the tree.
This is what Katrina did while I put the lights and ornaments on the tree. Such a good helper!
From today. Katrina likes to camp out under the tree.

I know we’ve been asked a couple of times what Damien wants/needs for Christmas this year. He’s all set for clothes and he already has winter clothes, hats, and gloves. It’s hard to say what he likes because it’s always changing.

And I do have some really great news–Scott will be able to fly to Virginia to spend Christmas with us this year! I haven’t told Damien yet because I don’t need to hear about it for the next 3 weeks, but I’m very excited 😀


Hungry Kitty, Happy Sarah

We’ve had Katrina for a little over a week now. She stopped eating and was drinking very little for a few days so I had to take her to the vet both on Thursday and on Saturday. I think the shot they gave her helped because she started eating again on Saturday night and all day today–yay! Even though she wasn’t eating, she was still her sweet, playful self the whole time. She loves the scratching post I got her and she just loves to follow me around and be pet. It’s funny having both Damien and Katrina follow me from room to room 🙂

She loves looking out the window.
Chillin’ on my lap while we watch TV.
She loves me 🙂

Damien still has to adjust to having a cat around. He just REALLY wants to play with her. He frequently places all her toys in front of her and can sometimes move too fast towards her and sometimes can be rough. He was in quite a few time-outs this weekend. He’ll learn.

Speaking of Damien, I think he’s fully adjusted to daycare and the new house. He’s even making great steps towards potty training. He’s now willingly sitting on the potty. Baby steps!

The Newest Whitehill

On Saturday Damien and I adopted a one-year old gray tabby named Lady Chatterly (because she talks a lot). I renamed her Katrina, or Kat for short. Damien usually calls her Jada, but sometimes says Kat or Trina. She’s about 7 lbs and is super sweet. She warmed up to the family quickly and has been sleeping with me at night. She also comes when I call her and follows me around sometimes when I’m doing chores. Damien has been good about petting her gently, but unfortunately, he also seems to enjoy seeing her run off scared so he intentionally scared her a few times on Sunday. This morning she didn’t even want anything to do with him. By the end of the day though, Damien was back to being calm and gentle around her and she sat on my lap this evening while we watched TV. I’ve been waiting to get a cat until I was back in the States and I think I found a really good one. I hope she is happy here with us!

Katrina watching TV with me on her first evening in the house after Damien went to bed.
Katrina’s first morning with us 🙂