Christmas Week

Scott is spending the holidays with Damien and me in Virginia and so far it’s been great! Damien is pretty much attached to Scott’s hip 🙂 and full of energy…even more than usual if you can believe it.

Day 1:

(Saturday) – Drawing on the magnadoodle

Day 2:

(Sunday) – Between the jetlag and lack of a nap, both my boys are TIRED! BTW it was 79 degrees outside on Sunday!

Day 3:

(Monday) – Scott is still unbelievably tired.

Day 4:

(Tuesday) – Slowing gaining energy
Fun with Play Doh
Getting ready for the morning 🙂

Day 5 – Christmas Morning!!

Merry Christmas!
Damien’s ornament that he made at daycare.
Damien’s stocking
So excited!!!

Below is a video of Damien opening most of his presents. He also got a train set (as seen in a picture below), some clothes, and a tablet but I’ll show pictures of his tablet at a later time.

Playing with all the new toys 🙂
Choo Choo!
Breakfast time! Yummy banana bread from Robin!
Along with delicious baked goods from Rob and Robin, they also sent us some Pampered Chef items. Thank you! I’m going to have Scott make us some pizza next week to try it out 🙂

For Christmas, Scott got an XBOX ONE and here is a video of Damien and Scott trying out one of the fitness games for the Kinect:

Merry Christmas everyone and Thank You to everyone who sent us something. Damien was very happy today and we still haven’t got to use all his new stuff yet.

Merry Christmas!

Scott, Damien, and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together.

Here’s a picture from Christmas Eve. This is Scott and Damien on Skype with Rob and Robin. We then called my parents and Damien opened his presents from them: clothes, a Sesame Street bus, Cars-themed Pez, and a picture viewer.


Christmas Day was a little more eventful. Damien woke us up around 5:30 AM…After breakfast, Damien opened the rest of his presents.





Here’s a video of the events. Warning–it’s over 10 min long! And don’t mind Scott…he was a little bit picture-happy.

Here is Scott and Damien playing with his new bubble gun…We also colored in his new coloring book and played with homemade play-dough that I made the other day. He was busy today!


After opening presents, we went over to one of Scott’s coworker’s home to eat Christmas brunch. It was delicious. We didn’t stay very long after we ate though so we could put Damien down for his nap. Plus, Damien feels he must touch everything which gets old real fast. I made dinner and dessert tonight for Christmas dinner. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables, and sugar cookies. It was my very first time making scalloped potatoes and sugar cookies. Everything turned out great except for the sugar cookies…even though they look good from the picture. Oh well, can’t win them all.

IMG_0090So that was our Christmas this year. Damien has been playing with all of his new toys. Thank you everyone who sent something. I know I still have a few things on the way in the mail too.

Holiday Party and Trains

Friday night was Scott’s squadron holiday party. Basically it was the only time this year we actually dressed up. Better late than never. I also can’t remember when the last time I wore a dress. The party was just okay. People were rowdy and the games and gifts were pretty lame compared to other years. Still a nice evening and the food was really good. We won a $25 gift card- woo!

holiday party 2012
Christmas 2012

Tonight, I brought out Damien’s train set. It was a gift from Rob and Robin from Christmas last year, only now he’s old enough to enjoy it. I tried to get a video because he was SO cute paying with it and making ‘choo choo’ noises, but I think he intentionally sabotages all my videos.  I’m lucky just to get a couple photos to turn out. Oh, and I’d like to mention he’s wearing his new slipper socks. I ordered them online for him for Christmas and gave them to him early.

All aboard!
Laying down his own tracks 🙂

Family Photos

Scott won’t be here for Christmas this year, but luckily we took some photos before he heads out for the UK on Sunday. I don’t think we’ve taken a photo with all three of us together since June. I’m not particularly a fan of how I look in the family photos…I think I look a little heavy, but in no time at all I’ll be glad I have them so I can remember us how we were at this time in our lives. Isn’t Damien HUGE? He’s only two! And yes, I’ll say it…He’s the most adorable kid I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life 😀 I’m sure I’ll get more pictures of Damien around Christmas, but Scott will be greatly missed…

The Tree is Up!

Scott, Damien, and I went to the Kaiserslautern Christmas market yesterday. We didn’t end up buying anything other than some hot chocolate which Damien REALLY loved…as seen below. Scott also hauled up the Christmas tree from the basement so we decorated it last night. Damien was trying to be a little too “helpful” so we had to wait until he went to bed before we could finish it. And lastly, when I woke up this morning I noticed we got our first snowfall of the year. I am a little bit sad as I absolutely hate driving on snow and ice.


Damien is “helping”…

Looking past my balcony at the first snowfall of the year

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

After 6 months, I finally have TV–yay! It’s my Christmas present this year and Scott set it all up for me. I got the gift of TV and Scott got an XBOX 360. I’m so excited! I have a feeling the housework is really going to suffer now…