Coming up with meals for the second week was extremely difficult. I just didn’t feel like there was any options. Going through my cookbooks, I couldn’t find any recipes that fit. I read online that the South Beach diet is very similar to the Weight Watchers core food plan. I looked into it a little bit more and the big difference is that on the South Beach diet you can eat whole grain breads too. So I had decided to try pizza with a whole grain crust and spaghetti with whole grain noodles. Anyways, even MORE frustrating was the fact that the Ramstein commissary doesn’t have hardly ANY options. I couldn’t find whole grain pizza crust or nonfat or even reduced fat cheese. What the Hell? By going on this diet, we are already eliminating 90% of all foods and drinks at the commissary, and then they don’t even sell all of the 10% we can eat? This is the first real diet I’ve ever been on and I can see why people have such a hard time sticking to them. We were walking up and down whole aisles with nothing we can eat. I really REALLY want this to work too. And even with trying to eat better, we still haven’t changed what we’ve been eating for lunches. I don’t know where to go from here. Still trying to make it work. I guess I shouldn’t expect change without a few bumps along the way…

New Year’s Eve Treat

I made the steak, onions, mushrooms, and potato wedges tonight for dinner. Very good. I love steak. The only thing is I want to cut the potatoes into smaller wedges next time. Today wasn’t filled with all healthy choices though. Scott and I ate out for lunch and he brought home Dove chocolate ice cream after work for dessert. That’s right, DOVE ICE CREAM. It is too good. It’s dangerous for me to know it’s out there. My excuse for today is that it’s New Year’s Eve. Apparently holidays are free days 🙂

I’m not staying up until midnight, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 😀

Chicken and Dancing

I made the teryaki chicken, pineapple, and brown rice dish tonight. Sadly, it was just okay. Maybe I’ll try something similar in the future. This means so far the only truly delicious meals have been steak & eggs and chili.

We got a dance Kinect game today in the mail and I played it tonight. Very fun. That’s pretty much the only way I can work out is if I can trick myself into it. I like the Kinect because you don’t have to use a controller to play and it also reads your leg movements unlike the Wii.

Today’s Meals

We had grilled chicken and salad for lunch and the stuffed green peppers for dinner. Both were okay.  I don’t  know what it is about salad, but I don’t enjoy eating it as a meal. The stuffed peppers need a little more work and I think they’ll be good.

Steak and Eggs

Scott made steak and eggs for dinner tonight. DELICIOUS. Definitely something to add to our list of dinners that follow our new eating plan. I did have major cravings for sweets after dinner though. I debated making the brownies I bought a couple weeks ago, but ended up having some hot coco and fluff instead. Not sure if that was better or not…

A Much Needed Change

Scott and I are trying out something new. I would hate to call it a diet because I’m hoping this will now be the way we eat. We just went grocery shopping to get our meals for the next week. We still have a few meals to eat up before we can go into this full swing, but this is a start. I’ve never made any of these exact meals before, but I’m pretty excited to get started. On the menu this week in no particular order will be:

1. beef tenderloin topped with mushrooms and onions and baked potato wedges
2. steak and eggs
3. grilled chicken and salad
4. teriyaki chicken with pineapple over brown rice
5. egg scramble
6. stuffed green peppers
7. southwest pork and black bean stir fry

Christmas Eve Dinner

Scott and I added a few extra ingredients to our chili tonight and it was REALLY good. In addition to the typical ground beef, kidney beans, tomato sauce and pieces, and packet of chili seasoning, we added chopped garlic, onion, corn, and chili power. Mmmm, so good I had to post about it.