My leave has ended and I have to return to work tomorrow after a nice week-long break. I hope I didn’t do too much damage with all the eating I’ve been doing. Between the large portions of Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Italian foods and desserts, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone completely overboard. There’s so much delicious food to enjoy and I eat like it’s my last meal. It didn’t help that the extra working out had made me hungrier than normal. I’m trying not to beat myself up over it too much. Tomorrow is another day to try to do it right again.

I ordered cannolis stuffed with ice cream while Scott had a banana split.

Friday Outing to Big Emma’s

Scott and I went to lunch at a restaurant off-base named Big Emma’s for the first time. The portions are gigantic! Not exactly diet friendly, but it was so tasty!

Germany has the best salads EVER!

I ordered the schnitzel topped with mushrooms-YUM!

Scott ordered the 1/2 burger. I’d hate to see the full one!


The Great Cookie Experiment: Part 2; The Results

Scott and I tried the cookies with wheat flour. They were okay. Scott said they were “plain”. They didn’t have a whole lot of flavor, but weren’t bad. This isn’t over yet…Maybe I’ll try adding coconut or something else next time. I also thought of adding banana to them to add a little more flavor. I think wheat flour as a pizza crust will be good. 

Chocolate chip and walnut cookies made with wheat flour.

Damien sleeping on me today 🙂

The Great Cookie Experiment

I love the idea of making healthy, yet tasty food at home. Today, I went out and bought ingredients to make chocolate chip and walnut cookies using whole wheat flour. I’m really curious to see if they taste good or not. I’m waiting for Scott to get home from work tonight so we can try them together. If they’re good, then I think I’ll be trying a whole wheat pizza crust next. Maybe after a while of eating it, it won’t be as weird tasting. I know I’ve tried the store-bought whole wheat pasta and I didn’t like it. I can’t remember though if I didn’t like the taste or if the grainy consistency was just too gross for me. 

Trying Fish

I’ve been wanting to re-try fish for a while now. It’s supposed to be super healthy and when I see it in restaurants on the menu, it always looks appetizing. I remember eating fish that my Mom made and never liked it. I hated the consistency and picking out the bones. So yesterday Scott and I bought some Mahi Mahi fillets that didn’t contain bones and I found a tasty looking glaze recipe online which had honey, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and olive oil in it. We fried it up on the stove and aside from the outside layer being a little bit burnt, it turned out to be VERY good. I was impressed. Not only was the glaze delicious, but even the fish by itself was good. I’m excited to now have added a whole new “type” of food to the list of things I will eat 🙂   

Bizarre Foods

I was watching a show today about bizarre foods in Vietnam and it made me think of the time when Scott and I (along with some friends) were in Busan, Korea and came across a lady butchering some fish right on the street. I think it’s so fascinating and weird…I wonder what they think about how we do things in the States. You know they think our prepackaged, frozen meat is gross lol.