Christmas Eve Dinner

Scott and I added a few extra ingredients to our chili tonight and it was REALLY good. In addition to the typical ground beef, kidney beans, tomato sauce and pieces, and packet of chili seasoning, we added chopped garlic, onion, corn, and chili power. Mmmm, so good I had to post about it.

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

After 6 months, I finally have TV–yay! It’s my Christmas present this year and Scott set it all up for me. I got the gift of TV and Scott got an XBOX 360. I’m so excited! I have a feeling the housework is really going to suffer now…

Damien’s First Christmas Presents

We haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet due to the lack of selection and simply that Damien just doesn’t need very much right now. We did find a few things though that he seems to enjoy. He got new pacifiers, teethers, Baby Einstein DVDs (which include a children’s book and CD) and a baby gym.

Check out the videos below to see Damien enjoying his new gifts 🙂 In the first video he is watching a Baby Einstein video with colorful, moving objects and music. The second video he is playing in the baby gym.

Thank you to my mom’s and grandma’s monetary contributions. They went towards purchasing my baby’s first presents.

First Castle

Visited my first castle here in Germany in Heidelberg on 11 Dec. Also, went to the Christmas market and drank some hot “Christmas” wine. It wasn’t good, but I got a sweet 2010 Christmas-themed mug out of it.