The Whitehill Weight Loss Challenge

Scott and I are completely fed up with how much weight we’ve gained over the years so we decided to do a little weight loss challenge for the next 2 months starting today. We’re not sure what the prize for winning will be yet, probably money though. It’ll be based on the total % of pounds lost to make it more fair between us. We’ll be weighing in once a week to keep track of how we’re doing, and there are rules like NO DIET PILLS. I want this to be a lifestyle change. Last night we weighed ourselves and took “before” pictures. I’m starting at 175 lbs and Scott is at 196 lbs. I would really like to lose 20 lbs. That seems reasonable anyways. I’m pretty nervous since I’m sure it’ll be much easier for Scott. If nothing else though, this will help us be healthier. I REALLY need to work on portion control. Tonight, I measured out a half cup of ice cream instead of just filling up the bowl. That HAS to help, right?

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