EDIS Appointment

I couldn’t post anything last night because we didn’t have any internet. Anyways, the lady from EDIS came out to our house yesterday to see how Damien was doing. She agreed that while he’s right on track with everything else, that he’s a little behind when it comes to communication. The hearing test we have scheduled for Damien (now 5 Oct) will determine whether he can hear the sounds correctly. I guess sometimes the ears don’t drain well and the sounds are muffled. She also gave us some tips. Pretty much just repeating sounds and trying to get him at a time when he can focus…that’s super difficult considering we get him at the very end of the day when he’s winding down for bedtime. Weekends will work better though. She said he seemed very well engaged and interested in things. I do notice though that Damien doesn’t do a lot of imitation. It seemed to be what was missing. I guess he just wants to do his own thing how he wants to do it. I’m dying to know how his personality is going to be later in life. Independent? Or is it going to mean he just won’t listen. He’s definitely not shy at all. No sense of stranger danger. Scott said when he went to pick him up from daycare a couple weeks ago that he was being a bully and grabbing toys from other (younger) babies. *sigh* What will be next? lol

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