Memorial Day Weekend and Exciting News!

Okay for the exciting news first–Scott got an assignment to Langley and it looks like he’ll be here in August!!! He already posted it to Facebook so people probably already know. This has just made my night. So happy 😀 Of course I can’t mention it to Damien. I made the mistake of saying something about visiting Grandma and Grandpa and he’s been hasseling me to go to the airport and droning on about how much he misses them (and Uncle David too!). I just keep thinking “I know! I want to go right now too!”

Alright, so we just had a four-day weekend for Memorial Day and I discovered a new park (Huntington Park) that’s only a 20 min drive away from my house, is free and has a beach. YESSSS! Now the only downside is all the people. The park was pretty spectacular. It was pirate themed.

Shoveling sand. He really justed wanted to get in the water.
Down the slide!
Exploring. The park was HUGE!

Scott spent his Memorial Day weekend in Venice with four other friends/coworkers. Sounds like he had fun sightseeing.

Scott in Venice
My handsome man 🙂

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