It’s My Birthday :)

Today was a great birthday and I felt really special. My parents, Grandma, and Scott (flowers and bear below) sent me very nice gifts from far away. Then when I went to work this morning, my office decorated my desk and made me Butterfinger cupcakes (since it’s my favorite candy bar). A couple of them even pitched in to get me a really nice gift which included $100 gift card to a spa and they even said they’d watch Damien for me! 😀  My whole office went to lunch together, but it wasn’t just for my birthday. It was also to celebrate a promotion and a farewell to one of the Airmen who’s moving to a different shop next week. Anyways, I had to share. Oh, and my phone is blowing up with Happy Birthdays. Thank you, everyone! Now I’m glad to have a four day weekend to lay low 🙂

I gave Damien my mylar balloons that I got from work.
My thoughtful gifts! Damien’s in the picture only because he can never leave my stuff alone…
Delicious Butterfinger cupcakes!

As Damien was eating his cupcake, he started singing Happy Birthday to me and I thought it was so super cute so I asked him to sing it for me again so I could record it and this was the result:

Mama and Damien
I asked Damien to give me his “mad” face. This is really the face he makes when he doesn’t like something I do.

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