The Incorrigible Damien Scott Whitehill

At the beginning of the month I took Damien to the Bounce House for a little fun and exercise. He was really scared at first and wouldn’t touch anything, but he eventually warmed up and had a good time. The place had quite a few of the inflatable play areas so it’s a nice option on really cold days.

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So I’ll now explain the title of the post. Over the last couple months, Damien has been really acting up at daycare. I even had to go pick him up because he injured another kid. Everyday when I go to pick him up, it’s not a matter of whether he hit or pushed the other children, but rather how bad it was. I’m sure he’d act the same at home but I don’t have any other kids for him to beat up on. Not that he’s even doing it out of anger, but more like an impulse. He also has a difficult time listening, especially the first time a direction is given to him. I discussed him with the program director of the daycare and her observation is that his behavior is not typical of someone his age. It may be thought that he’s acting like a boy. Well just as an example, his room has 10 boys (aside from Damien), and only 5 girls. The other boys don’t act like Damien. It’s also known that Damien is incredibly active and the teachers have to watch him closer than the other kids. Anyways, I made a doctor’s appointment for Damien that will hopefully answer some questions. One thing that was mentioned to me was the possibility that milk and/or wheat products could be causing these behavioral issues. Wouldn’t that be something? I’m at least going to experiment with it and see if it yields any results. Fun stuff.

Damien’s new monkey balance board!

And lastly, Scott was a very sweet husband and sent me some beautiful flowers and chocolate-dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day this year. Makes me feel happy 🙂 Oh, and thank you to Great Grandma Smith for Damien’s Valentine’s Day card. Damien really liked it and likes to talk to me about the dinosaur on the card lol.

Yes, that is Damien’s hand trying to snatch one prematurely! He called them “delicious”. 


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