Prepping to Move

It’s my last night in Germany and I’m finally done packing. I THINK I’ve got everything. Scott left this morning and and Damien and I are leaving tomorrow and we’ll all meet up in Baltimore to head up to Maine. Even though it’s all out of my hands, I’m still stressing about all the things that CAN go wrong. Mostly, I’m concerned about missing a connection or some sort of delay. Damien is a very active child and 8 hours on a plane with him is going to be a nightmare. I bought him some new toys a couple weeks ago that he hasn’t seen yet, but now I can’t find them so there goes that idea. Not to mention I have to be checked in and ready at the airport 3.5 hours BEFORE the international flight leaves. It’s because it’s a government flight and any open seats go to people on standby for cheap. Everything will be better once I meet up with Scott. We just realized the other day that Scott and I haven’t flown together on a plane since 2005 when we went to both Maine and North Dakota after we were married. Weird, huh?

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