Moving Day

Yesterday we went to the Dinosaur Park with a bunch of people from my squadron. It was the Gordons with their 2 boys, the Clarks with their 2 boys, the Gressels with their boy, the Vromans with their girl and new baby boy, and Meg. Damien pretty much ran around on his own terms and wasn’t much for hanging out with the group. We all went to a pizza place afterwards, but since it was Damien’s naptime, he was rather cranky. Probably should have left a little sooner considering restaurants here aren’t quick. At least the weather was gorgeous and Scott hadn’t been there before. Here are a couple pictures I snapped while waiting for the others to show up.

IMG_0354 IMG_0357Today the movers came out to pack up all my household goods to ship to the States. What I thought was going to take 3-4 hours took around 7. The Germans were friendly, but also slow moving and seemed to need frequent breaks. Even though I was just an observer in the process, I am EXHAUSTED. The car already shipped out last week and if all goes as planned, both my car and household goods will arrive about a week after I get to Langley. *crosses fingers*

Scott spent most of the day with Damien. We received a call from daycare this morning because Damien had a rash that seemed to be spreading and he was “listless” so he had to be picked up. We don’t know what the rash is so we’re just keeping an eye on it for right now.

Just 22 more days until we’re heading to the States and today is almost over!!! 😀


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