Italy Trip – Day 1

For all those wondering, Grandma and I returned from our Italy trip late last night. Overall, it was AMAZING, but definitely exhausting. With over 2,000 miles traveled and 741 photos taken in 6 days/5 nights, we are satisfied that we saw everything there was to see in Italy. Our driver and tour guide were the best you could ask for.

Below is a snapshot of the events from Day 1. We got on our bus at about 0530 and didn’t arrive to our hotel in Venice until around 2300 (11pm). It was a brand new bus so it was very nice.

Border between Germany and Switzerland

Grandma bought us wine to celebrate the transition into Switzerland

Grandma on the bus going into Switzerland

Swiss landscape

Swiss Alps

Scenery from our rest stop in Switzerland

We made a two hour dinner stop at Lake Garda in Italy.  Very pretty place.

Our first taste of TRUE Italian pizza–Hawaiian style

First taste of real Italian gelato. Don’t be fooled by Grandma’s expression, she likes gelato.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda

At Lake Garda

 Day 1 was long, but we made it to Venice! More pictures to come over the next few days.

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