The Sour Patch Kid

We’ve had Luke for almost two months and I refer to him as a sour patch kid because he’ll do something mean and hurtful and then turn around and do something cute and sweet. He has HOURS of energy a day to run around the house wrecking havoc and then cuddles up peacefully for his many naps. Surprisingly a single sheet of aluminum foil has kept him off of the kitchen counters, but it hasn’t stopped him from jumping on the dining room table or trying to stick his paw into your food. He’s so fast too! It’s probably because he gets so many hours a day practicing his hunting skills. Oh and he bull-dozes his way into rooms/areas that he’s not allowed such as the garage. He’s very skilled at getting what he wants. Where is that sweet, docile kitten I met at the shelter? lol

He never ventures to the very top, but does like his kitty tower.
Damien likes to seek out Luke for naps.
They’re so cute together
Luke sleeps in the weirdest positions…
Luke deceptively looking like a sweet, innocent kitten.
Luke hanging out of the heat vent lol
Damien and Luke cuddle time
*sigh* My snuggly baby

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