Kitten Update

We’ve had Luke for about a week and a half now and we’re seeing a lot more personality! He’s now playing with toys and he seems a lot more comfortable around the house, even sleeping in places other than our laps. Here are some observations:

Luke was so OBSESSED with Scott’s beard that he shaved it off lol.

He doesn’t like to eat out of your hand.

He actually acknowledges his reflection in a mirror! He once tried to play with the other “kitten”. 

It’s been difficult to keep him off of the kitchen counter and dining room table. Our efforts to stop the behavior seem to be making him better at jumping. There are certain foods that REALLY drive him crazy where he is relentless. Yesterday it was over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’m guessing he wanted the peanut butter.

We’re still working on getting him to only scratch on his scratchers. He just LOVES to use his claws. On everything! He also slips/rolls off of things and then uses his claws to pull himself back up again, even if it’s your leg!

He seems to roll onto his back more for Scott than anyone else.

If there are multiple laps to choose from he seems to have a hard time deciding where to lay.

He doesn’t seem to mind a little water.

He’ll watch tv! Sometimes he’ll watch the tv or tablet. He seems to be attracted to the various sounds. I was shaking trees in a video game the other day and he jumped down to sit in front of the tv and watch me play.

He doesn’t seem bothered by Damien’s loudness (odd, I know), but he definitely was scared of the vacuum noises. He was even skittish a day or so after vacuuming.

Damien watching his tablet underneath a pillow fort
Luke watching Damien brush his teeth.
Luke likes to give you good access to his neck to be pet.
Luke making room for himself
Damien and Luke playing with boxes.
The new cat tree! Too bad Luke doesn’t care for it at all :'(
Cuddles after Damien’s shower
Luke loves the boa-type fluffy toys.
He already lost the ball to this toy…
Scott bought Luke a bed so he’d have a comfy place to take naps in his office.
Spending quality time together

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