Winter Fun…Now We’re Ready for Spring!

Well it’s already early March and we’re FINALLY starting to see temperatures above freezing–yay! The snow piles are very slowly shrinking. Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past two months.

This was from a blizzard in mid-January. I can’t remember how much snow we received, but it was very windy, hence the snow drifts.
I thought this was very sweet. Damien often gets up earlier than me in the mornings and he left out a Hersey’s kiss for me with a note because he said I deserved it, awww!
At the beginning of February we all went to an indoor inflatable event in town called Fight the Frost. It was pretty fun. I even tried some of the obstacle course ones and Damien and I would race to the end. He ALWAYS won even when he gave me a head start. It was exhausting!
Damien and I built the Lego set he received for Christmas. He did almost all of the building and I just sort of organized the pieces. It was 1474 pieces…by far the most challenging set yet!
It took us about a month, but here is the finished product! This is the high school “unhaunted”
And this is the high school haunted!
And here is the inside of the high school. You can install an app on your phone/tablet that lets you battle ghosts.
He toned it down a little when I was recording, but there was a lot more animation and playing when I wasn’t there
Damien was a little bit embarrassed when I read it, but here’s a list of nice things that his classmates said about him 🙂
To my surprise, Damien wanted to go to his school dance! He had a great time running around wild with his friends. And I thoroughly enjoyed watching him interact with his peers. It’s something I don’t really get to see. Plus, I enjoyed the music and watching all the kids have fun. I didn’t take any videos and I only got this one picture when Damien was taking a water break. They were running around too much; it was impossible!
Waiting for the teacher at parent/teacher conferences. I snapped this right as Scott started falling LOL
Damien’s drawing is the very last on the bottom right.

The parent/teacher conference went well. Damien gets along with his classmates and has friends. He’s in speech therapy twice a week with one session working on social skills and the other working on sounds. Academically he’s on the low end of grade level for reading and on the upper end of grade level for math. This school doesn’t use the tradition A-F grading scales, but rather a list of end of the year goals and how well they’re meeting them. It’s a little bit confusing for me, but his teacher didn’t have any concerns so everything seems to be fine. He’s improving and advancing so I’m happy.

Lastly, last weekend I saw a friend I’ve known since Elementary school, Amanda, and her family. They were in Grand Forks for the hockey game so we met up at Northern Air so the kids could play and then went to lunch. It was really nice catching up. I don’t know the last time we saw each other, but I’m going to guess maybe 4-6 years ago? Where does the time go?

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