New Video Game and New Couch

We bought a Nintendo Switch game called Ring Fit Adventure because Scott thought it might be a good motivator for him to workout. One controller is placed in this flexible ring that you hold and the other controller goes on a leg strap. You move, pull, and push the ring as well as other exercises throughout each level. I tried it too and thought it was okay. It would be nice if I thought exercising was enjoyable.

Scott testing out the game
Damien’s turn playing

I feel like I keep saying “this is the LAST big purchase for a while” right before making another big purchase. We took advantage of some Veteran’s Day deals and bought ourselves a new couch for the upstairs living room. Prior to this, we only had the one couch in the family room downstairs so this room was just sitting empty looking sad. It’s SOOOOO hard finding a couch because you want it to look good AND be super comfortable. We ended up picking a couch where you could pick each individual piece and they fit together. Scott wanted a sectional which would have worked well in the space, but it’s more expensive and at least some of the seats would never be used. I’ve been excited to try a chaise lounge so we picked that and two more power recliners with dividers in-between. The dividers are more for Scott who really values his own personal space. I do like the cup holders and a place to set things so it works for everyone.

Testing out the new couch right after delivery.
Here’s its true color. And I also got some new throw pillows!

So after having the new couch for almost a week, I like it. It’s not as comfortable as it was in the store and the seats seem WAY bigger too. To counter that, I have to use the pillows to make the space smaller. The chaise is DEFINITELY the most comfortable spot so I think that was a good choice.

Damien getting comfy to do his nightly reading

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