A Kid With Many Talents

This post is all about Damien and his many interests and talents.

Damien working on his muscles. It’s important to him to be strong!
And don’t forget about cardio! Damien got this Jump-O-Lene as a present years ago from Julie, but we never had room for it in the old house. It works out better than jumping on the beds.
Damien is now fully ready for a North Dakotan winter!

Earlier this month we went in for parent/teacher conferences. So far I really love the school and Damien’s teacher. She’s very kind and patient and I think Damien is really thriving in that environment. Damien is doing very well in math and needs to work on his reading, which we’ve been doing every school night at home. This is turning out to be a great school year!

Damien on his chromebook at school before conferences.
Damien made some interesting artistic choices with this piece lol
Damien’s classroom

Damien made his first comic book! He created it in class during his free time and he had the chance to present it to his classmates which was well-received so he’s already working on a second issue. I love it because it motivates him to try to spell words correctly and it gives him the confidence to try new things.

Damien’s comic book, Attack of the Poopa King
Scott and Damien horsing around

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