Damien’s Birthday Celebration

Damien turned 9, what?! We celebrated on the Saturday over Labor Day weekend. We kept it simple this year and decided not to invite any of his classmates. But I think it was still a super great day.

Damien’s cake pick
Damien and Scott baking the cake in the morning before the day’s activities. Note Scott’s hair/beard.
We went to a place called Northern Air which has trampolines, inflatables, laser tag, and virtual reality gaming.
Scott was VERY tired after this lol. Also, he shaved his hair and beard off! He startled Damien LOL
Damien and Scott playing VR
Here is Damien playing the VR game again. The monitor above displays what he’s doing in the game.
Next it’s time for presents!
From Mom & Dad – Pizza PJs, two bath fizzies, candy, Dog Man 7 book, and two video games that we bought on clearance probably over a year ago that we found during the move lol (Recore and Battle Chasers)
From Grandma and Grandpa Hanks – A color changing alarm clock, Risk board game, and an emoji catch game
From Great Grandma and Tom – A very sweet birthday card and money which is going to go towards winter gear like snow pants and gloves, and maybe a treat too 🙂
Thanks to all!
Decorating the cake
Damien picked colorful candles this year instead of his usual number candle. The flames are supposed to match the color of the wax.
The birthday boy!
Blowing out the candles
Yummy cake 😀
Learning how to play and getting my butt kicked in Risk

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