Entering into Spring with an Assignment

Since my last post, we’ve received some exciting news. I have an assignment to Grand Forks AFB! My supervisor made a few phone calls and spoke with the right people and it happened very quickly. I need to report by the end of August. I already have all the paperwork submitted and now is the long process of getting everything signed and approved so I can get my orders. I need orders for anything important like scheduling my household goods shipment. In the meantime it’s hard to contain our excitement. We’re looking at houses and researching the area. So much to do!

Aside from the assignment, there’s nothing significant to report. Work feels busier than ever preparing for an inspection and we’ve pretty much just been staying home this winter.

Damien spent his Valentine’s Day money from Great Grandma and Tom on another treasure dig thing.
This time he found some sort of sea captain. Damien added the Roblox character’s head for the pic.
Damien and I waiting in the car for Scott. We keep a small blanket or towel in our cars so he can put it over his head to sleep.
Damien wanted to help make dinner! He’s very carefully cutting up green onion for me.
Everything is a bed to a cat
Damien’s Spring Concert. It was uneventful. Damien didn’t even really sing.
Last week, Damien lost another tooth!
Katrina seems like to Damien’s tunnel 🙂

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