Good Weekend with Some Not So Good Moments

A few things out of the normal occurred this weekend, so I feel the need to write about it. First, was coming home from work on Friday with Damien. I am hauling a gym bag, a back pack, and Damien up three flights of stairs. Apparently some small animal took a dump on my welcome mat outside my door…which is inside the building…So either an animal walked inside the building during the day or my neighbors are trying to send me a message lol. Anyways, with trying to balance everything in my arms and get Damien inside the apartment, he gets away from me and grabs it–yuck! I think I may have been screaming some swear words in the stairwell. Oh well.

The next event took place on Sunday. I have a baby gate to keep Damien out of the kitchen and I feel like I go back and forth over that gate a million times a day. Another thing that’s important to this story is that the walls here are made of cement. So I was probably on my 20th trip over the gate and I accidentally kicked the door frame with my foot. I heard a crack and it was painful, but not the worst pain ever. The odd thing was that I felt like I was going to faint and I had to sit down. Luckily I didn’t since Scott wasn’t there and Damien was screaming at me because he was hungry (which is why I went into the kitchen in the first place). I thought I broke my toe, but it turns out it’s just badly bruised. The whole top of it is black with a little bit of purple. What the eff?

And that leads us into this morning…I’m getting my things together for another great Monday morning at work when I realize I can’t find my keys. I come to the conclusion that they’re locked in my car…So I have to call Scott at 0520 so he can drive over and unlock my car for me. I was pretty upset at myself for not being more careful, but I did make it to PT at the very last second so I wasn’t late 🙂

And of course I must end on a positive note…Scott is now back on day shift for the first time since March–yay! It meant that he was around a lot this weekend to see Damien and me instead of sleeping the day away. I just realized I didn’t take any pictures…maybe in two weeks when he has another weekend off I can take some.

One thought on “Good Weekend with Some Not So Good Moments

  1. Good Morning Sarah! It iis great to read about your weekends events,never a dull moment huh? I know locking your keys in the car is one of those V8 moments ( I should've had a V8). I did that with Branden in this rental I had he was just a baby and it was hot out. Thank God the neighbor came and helped me he was screaming. Anyways Thanks for keeping us posted love to hear it all <3

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