Heidelberg Trip on 22 May (aka My Birthday)

I finally got around to posting pictures from the Heidelberg day trip that Scott, Grandma, and I went on for my 26th birthday this year. I’m a little sad I didn’t get them posted earlier only because I forgot a lot of what the tour guide said. It was a very nice trip. Scott got us to the Heidelberg castle in the perfect amount of time to take an English speaking tour. I do remember the lunch was delicious too–a brat and a chocolate cupcake 🙂

I had already been to the Heidelberg castle back in December 2010 with my friend Sarah, but it was definitely great to see again in the warmer months with a guided tour. After the tour we wandered around by ourselves to take photos and looked around the Apothecary Museum. I think my favorite part was the view of the village from the castle.

A model of the castle area


I think this is where the criminals were held when they were being punished…only I think it was a one-way trip.

To pump the wine up for all the thirsty people


Not sure what this is for, but it looked interesting

Source of heat. There’s a little door on the outside of the room so the servants could keep the fires going without entering the room.

There were lots of statues. Notice a certain part having been touched a lot?

Don’t remember who this guy is, but the interesting part is that the man in this painting is only 18 years old. The artist painted him to look older on purpose so he seemed I guess more powerful and manly.

I wonder if these people were considered attractive in that time. I wonder if an artist would make someone important look better…kind of like a Renaissance version of Photoshop

Door handle thing

Just wanted to show the door casing-to-person ratio

Church area

Very large barrel of wine

I completely forget the significance of this…I think this person drank a lot and probably died of drinking water.

The Apothecary Museum

I’m pretty sure people were high and/or drunk a lot…

Why this pic? For some reason it reminds me of Dad and his shop of random stuff.

I felt this area was a bit creepy

Scott and I

Grandma and I

Amazing view from the castle area

Ok, look at the church on the left–Notice a red car? That’s my car! We just picked it up from the dealership the day before this trip. It’s funny that we happened to capture it in the photo.

Stereotypical European home? It’s what I picture anyways

Scott and Grandma 🙂

Random Fountain in the middle of nowhere while walking around

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