Date Day and the Noise Factor

December 28th was the one and only day that both Scott and I didn’t work and the daycare was open to take Damien. This meant we had a date day 🙂 We ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and then we drove out to Zweibrucken for the first time to visit their outlet mall. It’s about a 35 min drive and the shopping was pretty decent. We bought a few things for ourselves and headed back in good time to pick up Damien. I’m pretty bummed out that Scott is leaving on Thursday, but I think I’ll be able to make a trip up to the UK with Damien in March or April for a few days to do some sightseeing in London.

In other news, Damien is so freaking LOUD. I’ve decided he takes after the Hanks family for his booming voice. What I mean by that is his voice CARRIES and he’s so vocal–even when he’s eating! I took a video of him playing with his toys this morning. Yes, he has this energy (and usually worse) for most of the day…Please help me…LOL…


One thought on “Date Day and the Noise Factor

  1. Adorable and full of life he is haha. We hope you have a good time in March when you go to visit and sight see. We will look forward to the pics always love your ventures aand pics! As always thank you for sharing

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