Merry Christmas!

Scott, Damien, and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together.

Here’s a picture from Christmas Eve. This is Scott and Damien on Skype with Rob and Robin. We then called my parents and Damien opened his presents from them: clothes, a┬áSesame┬áStreet bus, Cars-themed Pez, and a picture viewer.


Christmas Day was a little more eventful. Damien woke us up around 5:30 AM…After breakfast, Damien opened the rest of his presents.





Here’s a video of the events. Warning–it’s over 10 min long! And don’t mind Scott…he was a little bit picture-happy.

Here is Scott and Damien playing with his new bubble gun…We also colored in his new coloring book and played with homemade play-dough that I made the other day. He was busy today!


After opening presents, we went over to one of Scott’s coworker’s home to eat Christmas brunch. It was delicious. We didn’t stay very long after we ate though so we could put Damien down for his nap. Plus, Damien feels he must touch everything which gets old real fast. I made dinner and dessert tonight for Christmas dinner. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables, and sugar cookies. It was my very first time making scalloped potatoes and sugar cookies. Everything turned out great except for the sugar cookies…even though they look good from the picture. Oh well, can’t win them all.

IMG_0090So that was our Christmas this year. Damien has been playing with all of his new toys. Thank you everyone who sent something. I know I still have a few things on the way in the mail too.

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