The Tree is Up!

Scott, Damien, and I went to the Kaiserslautern Christmas market yesterday. We didn’t end up buying anything other than some hot chocolate which Damien REALLY loved…as seen below. Scott also hauled up the Christmas tree from the basement so we decorated it last night. Damien was trying to be a little too “helpful” so we had to wait until he went to bed before we could finish it. And lastly, when I woke up this morning I noticed we got our first snowfall of the year. I am a little bit sad as I absolutely hate driving on snow and ice.


Damien is “helping”…

Looking past my balcony at the first snowfall of the year

One thought on “The Tree is Up!

  1. Love the tree. Sarah I know what you mean about driving in the snow and ice..i hate it also. Glad to see Scott is helping you out. Damien looks so cute. Thank you for the updates. Your doing a good job. Love mom

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