Two Year Be-Well Appointment

Damien had his two-year check up this week and it should be no surprise that he’s a healthy toddler. The doctor said his height-to-weight ratio was perfect and to keep doing what we’re doing with food. I mentioned his leg braces so she checked out his legs and said that everything seemed good so that it didn’t appear to be a neurological problem, just a behavioral one. She said the leg braces would be good to correct the toe-walking so that it didn’t affect his gait later in life. At least it’s getting cooler outside now so he’ll be wearing long pants so maybe the braces won’t be noticeable. I should be seeing them in the mail in a few weeks and then I’ll need to take him in to get fitted I guess. No immunizations were needed this time around and his next appointment will be in 6 months.

I bought Damien a toddler bed today with some toddler bedding (both Disney Cars themed). I still need a mattress though since Damien’s crib is a German sized one. I think I’ll introduce it maybe at Thanksgiving so I’ll have a nice four day weekend to work through any challenges that may arise. I may decide to move up the date a little bit though because I’m a little bit excited about it. I think Damien will like a big-boy bed and I don’t know…I guess I just can’t help but be happy to see him growing up and doing more things. The one task I’m really dreading though is potty training. Absolutely no clue how I’m going to get through that one.

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