Halloween 2015

I’m a little behind, but here are the pictures from Halloween this year.

We decided not to carve our other pumpkins so they wouldn’t rot as quickly. I think they turned out just fine.
Ready to go trick-or-treating! I tried to talk Damien into painting his face like a zombie (so he could see better) but he insisted on wearing the mask instead.
Damien and I as zombies… Is it convincing? LOL
Scott stayed back to pass out candy.
Damien inventorying his candy.
So happy 😀

This video is from tonight while getting ready for bed. Damien was in a dancing mood and I offered to film it for him. This is a Damien original song. Enjoy!

And yes he had a haircut. It wasn’t originally meant to be bald like Scott’s but I’ve learned my lesson and I will no longer be cutting Damien’s hair…ever again.

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