Dinosaur Park

Today, my friend from work named Tina took Damien and me to the Dinosaur Park in Kaiserslautern. It turned out to be pretty fun since the weather was amazing and Damien was having a great time. He must have used up a lot of energy because I’m posting this blog and he hasn’t disturbed me once.

The photos are a little bit dark. I don’t have Photoshop installed on this computer to correct them so I’ll redo the photos at a later time. Just wanted to share and I’m impatient.

Damien was very excited and chatty about seeing all the dinosaurs, but it wasn’t captured in the photos.

Just chillin’

Damien climbing on a pirate ship

ARRRRHHH mateys!

Damien’s favorite activity of the day…pumping water…

Decorative pumpkins in the garden area

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