Anniversary Weekend

On Friday, Scott and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary 🙂 We ordered Thai from one of our favorite restaurants and we were planning to watch a movie at home and relax. Well, out of nowhere, our TV didn’t turn on. So Scott spent a great deal of our evening troubleshooting and on the phone with the manufacturer. We now have an older TV hooked up in the living room until Scott can call a German TV repair man to come and fix our broken TV. We were also planning to have our babysitter watch Damien for a few hours on Saturday so we could spend some time alone, but on Saturday morning, our babysitter called to say she couldn’t watch Damien because her daughter was sick. So with a last minute change of plans, we all went out to lunch at a British Fish and Chips place I’ve been wanting to try. I ordered the Haddock and it was pretty tasty. The fries and the tarter sauce were really good too. Scott tried some peppered steak pie thing which he said was just okay. And now it’s Sunday and Damien and I are just hanging out while Scott’s at work for a 12 hour shift. I had intended to get a lot of housework done…but so far it’s not looking so good. I think I may just work on laundry today and call it good enough. And that was my weekend 🙂

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